& Dark Oasis is still in beta, but it’s a way to publish your stories, easily.

I decided to try things out with the fourth story in my paranormal romance series “Out of the Bottle”, DARK OASIS.

So Dark Oasis now has its own pressbooks page, . You can read the 13,000 words story there — it’s FREE! — or you can download a pdf copy. The link is at the end of the post.

I’m also trying to work out how to upload an epub copy … but WordPress doesn’t seem to like it. Hmm. Low tech solution: If you’d like an epub copy, please ask in the comments. I’m happy to email it to you. I did contact about it (hey, they have a help section, why not ask?) and they said that hosting epub and pdf files is on their to do list.

Fair warning: I’m very much at the beginning of my journey in learning self-publishing. There are a lot of things I need to learn. But if a good story is what you’re after (it’s a bit sexy 😉 ) then … Happy reading!


And for anyone who thinks the cover of DARK OASIS looks homemade, you are so right! I even took the photo in my backyard.