Australian Women Writers Challenge 2013


When the Australian Women Writers Challenge launched in 2012 I signed up and it really did stretch my reading habits, but the real win was the challenge to REVIEW. As an author, I happily read widely. I read constantly (well, sometimes I sleep). But reviewing was scary.

AWW12 changed all that. Now I enjoy the chance to stop and think about a book I’ve read and try to distil its magic into a few words so other people can decide if they want to read it, too.

So I’m signed up for AWW13. Franklin level this year. Eek! I mean … bring it on! 😉

3 Replies to “Australian Women Writers Challenge 2013”

  1. It' s great that your doing aww2013. I am too. I found it a really useful and enjoyable experience this year. I found some great authors and bloggers to follow. I look forward to seeing what we discover next year.

    1. I'll definitely be looking out for your reviews! One of the things I loved about AWW12 (and it's a tribute to the efforts of its organisers) is the sense of community that developed. Really great.

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