Today is the official release day for my Australia Day holiday romance, Mistaken Engagement, and although it snuck out early yesterday and I leapt into celebration mode, it’s now that I want to take the opportunity to say thank you to a host of wonderful people.Mistaken Engagement_cvr

The Harlequin Australia team who are behind Escape Publishing and who are friendly, supportive and professional — the professionalism goes without saying! I’m so lucky to have had this chance to work with them.

Kate Cuthbert, Escape Publishing’s Managing Editor. I knew Kate as @KatydidinOz on Twitter for ages before I met her in her editor role. Let me tell you, she’s just as amazing whatever hat she wears.

Nas Dean. The emotional depth in Mistaken Engagement owes so much to Nas’s gifts as an editor. Thank you, Nas, for your tactful criticisms, suggestions and encouragement to dig a little deeper.

My fellow Escape Artists, who’ve been so much fun and continue to make me laugh and go awww at how nice they are:

SE Gilchrist – Legend Beyond the Stars

Donna Maree Hanson – Rayessa and the Space Pirates

Nina Hamilton – Rescue Heat

Elise K Ackers – Unforgettable

Alissa Callen – What Love Sounds Like

Thanks to my fellow Romance Writers of Australia. You are the best! I can’t wait to meet you at the Freo conference 🙂

Thanks to the members of the Australian Romance Readers Association who’ve helped me discover so many great books and authors. You’re inspiring!

Finally a big thank you and hug to my antho sisters, JK Coi, PG Forte and Stacy Gail, who kept me laughing and energised through a really long 2012. Best wishes and every success to you! You know your 2013 releases are top of my TBR list always 🙂

And readers, I have not forgotten you! You have no idea how much you brighten my life with your enjoyment of my stories. For you I have a special book trailer — well, more a shared memory. I took this video down at the beach this morning, enjoying a moment of serenity.


4 Replies to “Happiness”

  1. OMG! Jenny! Thank you so much! Loved your book so was easy to work on ot with you.

    Wishing Mistaken Engagement and you mega success!