Review of Shattered Sky


Shattered Sky by Helene Young is romantic suspense, but you probably guessed that by the dramatic and gorgeous cover. It’s also real. Real in the sense that the issues that create the suspense are (sadly) real. But also genuine in its descriptions of place and action. Helene Young is a pilot like her heroine, Lauren. The details of lived experience make for edge of the seat drama.

I enjoyed the northern Queensland setting. The people were recognisable types, but even the walk-ons were skilfully drawn so they stepped out three dimensionally, rather than as cardboard cut-outs.

The book opens up so many characters and plot strands in the first third, that I wondered how they’d all be tied together. Don’t worry! The complex web is well-woven and pulls taut so the ending is all you could ask for in romantic suspense.

3 Replies to “Review of Shattered Sky”

    1. Such a talent. I'd have been lost with as much happening, and Helene pulled it all together so that you understood why everything was there … if that makes sense?

    2. Hmmmm..will my three and a half year old only blow out? Or will he try and drink it? This looks like so much fun, we might have to try it! (Maybe with just food colouring in the water first!)