A Bold Tulip Week


Tulips make a big, bold splash of colour.


It’s time for you to do the same.

Be daring! Be happy — and show people that happiness.

The world can be so depressing. The news on TV is awful. But really it’s the nature of our day-to-day encounters that colours our mood. Tulip Week is the time to kickstart everyone’s better mood by boldly declaring yourself happy — and no, I don’t care if you’re not happy!

Pretending that you’re happy can make you feel happier — there are scientific articles on the topic, but I’ll direct you to something easier to read, The Daily Mail! So being Tulip-bold and faking happiness can initiate an upward spiral for you. And you know yourself that being around happy people makes things better (unless you’re really down in which case (((hugs))) and keep fighting. You’re not alone).

Okay, so we’ve gotten a bit serious here. Back to the tulips!

There’s one last thing to remember about a Tulip Week: at some point in the next seven days you MUST wear that ridiculous piece of clothing you bought because you were feeling brave, but have never taken out of the cupboard because you’re not that brave. Yes, you are! Wear your orange polka dot purple shorts and be proud. Just don’t wear them with ugg boots 😉

*My sister and I have a running conversation re ugg boots. She thinks you can wear them in public. I don’t!

Enjoy your Tulip Week. And remember …