Violet Week


From one introvert to another, this is our week! Violet Week celebrates the strength of these sweet-scented, shade-loving plants.

If you’re inclined to hide away, you’re in for a shock this week. People appreciate you more than you know and you’re going to be called out to receive some long-overdue praise. Don’t run! and don’t deflect the praise. Say “thank you”, stand tall and enjoy the self-affirming realisation of how truly you’re valued.

The flipside of this is that Violet Week is also a great time to tell others how much we value them. Often we fail to tell others how incredible they are. I’m not sure why. Maybe we’re afraid we’ll look silly, or they won’t believe us and so they’ll think we’re insincere. This week when someone does something to make your day better, tell them.

When you plant one violet, you soon have a colony because these plants spread. In the same way, when you give and receive praise, everyone’s confidence to dare and dream grows a little more.

Enjoy your Violet Week.