Nemesia Week

flower fortunes

It’s all about other people in a Nemesia Week. Nemesias are people-pleasers. They’re tough (but don’t look it), self-seed, flower brightly and profusely in a whole range of colours, and are a delight in the garden.

You’ll find yourself looking for ways to please people this week. That’s cool. Life is give-and-take, just be a little cautious after this week that you’re not the only one giving.

In a Nemesia Week the emphasis is on unexpected gifts to share with others: smiles (and isn’t it sad that smiles can be listed as an unexpected gift?), small courtesies of “please”, “thank you” and “I’ve got the door”, sharing funny things on Facebook, truly listening to someone after you’ve asked how they are, baking (or doing the dishes after a home-cooked meal). Like nemesias, there’s nothing huge and showy about what you’re doing, but you’re doing it mind-fully.

An economist might put things differently. This is a week when you’re banking good karma, adding to your credit for who knows what is approaching. It never hurts to polish our halos – or to enjoy the immediate response of someone returning your smile J