California Poppy Week


I adore California poppies. They’re determined to flourish, no matter what the conditions. I love their flamboyant flowers and I have good memories of the garden where I first saw them growing—my great aunt’s. The flowers in this pic are descendants of her original plants.

In a California Week there is a lot of laughter, the sort of laughter that defies hard times.

You’re finding allies this week. Maybe you’ll never talk to them. Maybe they’re on TV or catching a bus with you. Maybe they’re on the other side of the world chatting on Facebook. What matters is in Anne of Green Gable’s phrase, they’re “kindred spirits”. When you find people who can light up the bad times with laughter, hold onto them.

I’m not saying hard times are coming. But life does throw them up. Remember this week, how you opened your eyes and saw people tackle huge problems with humorous courage. So can you!