Sage Week


Sage is such a great flower. It looks delicate, but is actually a survivor.

Congrats to all of us on surviving the frantic pace of the holiday season. Even if we did our best to be Zen through it, the media never let up its attempt to drive us into a frenzy.

I had a thought on that the other day. About how when we’re content, we don’t buy things. Sure, we buy necessities like groceries, but otherwise shopping just doesn’t make it onto the daily To Do List.

Ah, but if we can be made discontent, then we look around for things to make us happy.

So the media — which tends to make its money from advertisements — has to unsettle us.

In a Sage Week, the media is going to have to work pretty hard. The joy┬áis, for the next few days, your sense of self is strong and rejects the notion that you need “things” to prop it up. You, by yourself, are amazing. In a Sage Week, you get an inkling of your strength.

For a start, you’re going to break some of your New Year resolutions — and the fabulous part of that is that as you do so, you’ll realise they weren’t your resolutions at all! You were pressured into them by others’ expectations (and the media’s frenzied attempt to unsettle us).

So let this Sage Week blow raspberries at the notion that you aren’t good enough just as you are — and then, go out there and be awesome!