Toadstool Week


Toadstools are fascinating. Although they’re generally the bit of the fungus that we see, they’re only its fruiting body, the last hurrah of a fungus that has been busy underground, converting rotting things into useful soil stuff.

A Toadstool Week is a tad self-centred, but you’ve earned your satisfaction, so enjoy it. Things in life are often rotten, but we keep going, keep working, keep trying, and then, one day … toadstools! Our efforts pay off. We’ve converted yucky stuff into possibilities for new growth.

This week you’ll see some of your day-in, day-out slog produce results. The results may be modest — like the toadstools in the photo — but they’re real. Let the satisfaction of knowing you’ve made something good from something neglected or broken soak in. It’s proof that you’re stronger than you know.

Be it ever so humble, it’s your achievement. Don’t ignore it.