Pine Flower Week


In the cool shade of a pine tree, it’s time to chill. For those of us sneezing our heads off at the pine flowers, inside is nice, too 🙂 Yay, it’s a Pine Flower Week.

I love Pine Flower Weeks because these are Zen-tranquil breaks in life when I suddenly realise that I do NOT have to live my life with endless choices. Yes, I can choose one of a thousand different flavours of yoghurt (slight exaggeration), or I can simplify and just pick up my favourite (natural, low-fat — call me boring) during the weekly shop.

In a Pine Flower Week, you are suddenly in “the zone” where living is effortless. Instead of wavering backward and forward, endlessly debating your options, you find yourself making a decision — do NOT second guess it.

Enjoy this break from decisions, decisions and see if you can extend the magic of decisiveness for longer than this heavenly Pine Flower Week. You’ll be amazed at how much more energy you have when you’re not losing it to trying to choose between options.