Mid-Year Review

Last day of July. What a year it’s been. Five months still to go and I have so much I want to jam into them, and that’s just the writing bit.

THE BOOK is finally with my crit partner. Elizabeth’s red pencil is all sharpened and ready to attack 😉 I’m still scared of jinxing things by saying too much (i.e. anything) about THE BOOK yet. Hopefully, I’ll revise it and get it to agents by September.

Yes, I’m aiming to start The Great Agent Hunt this year. Wish me luck! And if you know a great agent for contemporary romance, please email me 🙂

Meantime, I’ve plotted out and am all set to start (tomorrow) my fifth “Texas Kisses” short romance. Fall Into His Kiss has the most adorable hero. I’m already in love with Wyatt, and with his house! or should I say land? East Texas looks like a wonderful place to live and I’ve given Wyatt something extra special — and a donkey!

After THE BOOK and Fall Into His Kiss are complete, the next project –finally — is Djinn Justice, the long over-due sequel to Demon Hunter. I’m really impatient to tell the remainder of Steve and Fay’s story. Yes, they’re happy together, but do they really think life is going to be easy for a leopard shifter, heir to the Suzereignity, and a woman who might be the world’s most powerful mage?

So all of that will keep me busy till the end of the year.

Do you have plans for the rest of the year?

Apart from writing, my attempts to give up sugar are continuing. I’m not hard ass about it. I enjoy dessert when I go out or an occasional doughnut, but I am trying to make most days sugar-free. It’s tough. To my surprise, though, I’ve discovered that my chocolate addiction is really to the cacao and not the sugar, so I’m happy to eat cacao wafers instead of sugary milk chocolate. Who’d a’thought it?