A Paranormal Romance Sale, My Garden & Don’t Forget Phoenix Blood!

The Shifters & Spice Collection is out!

The Shifters and Spice Collection is out now – and only 99c. To help launch the boxset, the authors involved have organised a giveaway (don’t miss your chance to win a $100 giftcard) and sale. I don’t have a story in the collection, but my paranormal romance, Demon Hunter, is part of the 99c sale. You can check out a great range of titles during the sale.

shifters and spice

If you dream of shifters, this set of 20 brand new shifter stories featuring USA Todayand New York Times best-selling authors has you covered. Whether you like them large and in charge or sleek and sexy, you’ll find the right story to spice up your night in these pages.

A.J. Bennett — Masquerade
Becca Vincenza — Contracted
Blaire Edens — Frenzied
Carolyn Spear — Taming the Puma
Dara Fraser — Lion’s Pretend Girlfriend
Desiree Holt — Shadow of the Wolf
Dominique Eastwick — Bearing the Hunger
Erin Hayes — I Found My Rhino
Ever Coming — The Mismatchmaker
H.D. Gordon — Blood Sport
Hazel Boyer — Accidentally Mated
Kate Richards — An Evening in the Superstitions
Lila Felix — Wolf Protector
Lisbeth Frost — Encounter on a Mountain
Louisa Bacio — The Luna Twins
Margo Bond Collins — Laugh Out Love
Marissa Farrar — Wolf Torn
Merryn Dexter — Bear Faced Lies
M.J. Haag — Escaping the Lutha
Rachael Slate — Untamed Lord of Thessaly


Anyone Ever Eaten Salsify?

salsify, jenny schwartz,This is salsify. I bought it on impulse (and here my memory gives out) either last year or the year before, and then, I never got around to harvesting it. I’ve never eaten salsify, but it’s called vegetable oyster, and I was curious. However, I forgot about it and it’s quietly grown in the garden until suddenly, just the other day, flowers appeared! Aren’t they striking? Maybe when it goes to seed and new plants shoot, I’ll finally get to taste it. Gardening definitely teaches patience – and sometimes rewards the forgetful!

Absurd Animals

Since I’m admitting to forgetfulness: Wired (the magazine) does a video feature called Absurd Animals which is cool – even if I rarely remember to watch it. The latest was on the Capybara.

Great Read

angie fox, ghost mystery,I picked up Angie Fox’s Southern Spirits on Amazon and thoroughly enjoyed it. A mystery with a touch of romance, and of course, ghosts! Spooky spectacular with Halloween around the corner. Also includes a pet skunk (she’s cute).


Get Ready for AFTER Christmas

Don’t forget that Phoenix Blood is available for pre-order now (at 99c) to hit your kindle on December 27.

He broke her heart, saved her life, and paid in agony for her freedom.

phoenix blood, fantastic beasts, paranormal romance thriller, kindle unlimited, jenny schwartz,

5 Replies to “A Paranormal Romance Sale, My Garden & Don’t Forget Phoenix Blood!”

  1. That is a pretty flower. I’ve never heard of it or tasted it either. Not sure what a vegetable oyster should taste like.

    I adore the cover for your next book series – even from what I can see, he looks to be a heart breaker – trouble looking for a place to happen. We’re not supposed to like the bad boys, are we? 🙂

    Congrats on featuring in a new collection. 🙂

    1. D, I can’t imagine vegetable oyster either! It was meant to be popular in the old days with the Victorians. But then, they did things like starch their collars! So not sure…

      Marcus is a bad boy, but oh my, not by choice! I’ve been wanting to write a wounded hero for a long time. Phoenix Blood gave me that chance in spades.

  2. Great post! Enjoyed it thoroughly.

    The salsify is gorgeous. Yes! I’ve never e6en heard of it. Thanks for the heads up on Southern Spirits. Snatched up a copy.

    Your book will make the Christmas holidays that much sweeter. Love the blurb! Definitely gets one’s attention. 😉

    1. Mary, the way I keep reading Southern stories, I’m clearly trying to move there in spirit 🙂 Your home has so much charm, I love to imagine the South.

      Thanks for the kind words re Christmas and my book – you’re lovely!