Writing Update

I’m sure having this much fun writing has to be illegal! I love re-inventing West Australian history, weaving it into what really happened. I’m such a history nerd 🙂

The painting by Franz Marc is shared just because I love it.

Franz Marc 025

2 Replies to “Writing Update”

  1. *sending enthusiasm*

    The painting is gorgeous, isn't it? Wikimedia has intro'd me to so many great painters — clearly my art education was lacking!

    And if this comment form proves a real pig, I'll have to change it. I'm still learning my way around wordpress.

  2. Can I just say that I hate your password thingie? Now I have to remember what I said. Glad you're enjoying the writing. Send some enthusiasm over the sea – I'm tackling edits and feeling a bit nervous. I like the painting too. It's very well done.