Romance Industry News

Rachelle Gardner (whose name I consistently mispell–apologies) has a useful post on Writing Rules are Just Tools.

Head over to Nicole Murphy’s blog if you want to discuss Aussie spec fiction. She has an overwhelming number of links to thoughtful posts and podcasts on the topic.

How do you get a forum party started? I’ve been posting sporadically over at the Carina Press subforums at eHarlequin, but they’re really quiet. I find this quiet nearly impossible to believe since on Twitter and elsewhere Carina authors — let alone readers — can hardly be described as quiet. Funny, loud, informed, generous, friendly … all those describe them, but “quiet”? Boggles my mind. I’m wondering if it might be that the lack of an auto-prompt along the lines of “so&so has just responded to your comment” would increase engagement? Things to think of on my own blog — and yours!

Maria Zannini has a great post on friends with benefits — she’s talking networking! and if you read the post, you’ll discover why mentioning L D Masterson is good karma.

Winners of the Romance Writers of Australia awards are here. Congrats to everyone 🙂

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