Things I don’t miss

I couldn’t think of a post, today. So in a sort of mangled, count your blessings approach, I thought I’d list three things I don’t miss.

1. When people mourn the rise of ebooks and the decline of paper ones, they often mention the loss of the sensory experience. The smell, the touch, the tangible possess-ability. Well, I don’t miss the smell. I’ve bought a lot of secondhand books over the year and read a whole heap of library books, and let me tell you, I don’t miss secondhand handcream scented of cheap strawberry, or stale cigarette smoke, someone else’s hair (okay, so that’s not smell, but it’s still yucky). There is a lot to be said for the clean ebook.

2. I don’t miss microfiche. Scrolling through newspapers made me seasick. Heaven bless the heroic archive staff who’ve made newspapers digitally available (in Australia go to Trove).

3. Leg warmers. All right, so I’m reaching for a third point. But really, do you miss leg warmers? They have to be one of the weirder products of the 80s. So glad they went out of fashion.

3 Replies to “Things I don’t miss”

  1. I never got the sensory high off of books either. I didn't mind it, but neither did I miss it when I switched to digital. But I think a lot of people feel nostalgic about it.

    Not so much for leg warmers though. LOL. Nostalgia has its limits.