Interesting blogs

Have you noticed how once you know something, know it to the point that it’s comfortably part of your everyday life, you tend to think everyone shares your knowledge? Or is this just my quirky mind?

Anyway, I have a handful of blogs that routinely offer me interesting info and which I really shouldn’t assume everyone and their cousin knows about. So here goes:

Mind Hacks for neuroscience (and psych stuff more broadly).

Past Horizons for archaeology.

Dear Author for romance novel reviews and publishing news.

ArtDaily is one of the few e-newsletters I’ve signed up to receive daily. It goes beyond the art world to include interesting happenings in related fields, like archaeology.

Tiny House Blog for tiny house news, inspiring photos and stories.

These are all pretty much my “lurker” blogs where I love what they do, but seldom–never–comment. Then I have a ton of other friendly, interactive blogs authored by cool people … but that’s another post!

Oops, almost forgot BoingBoingย for weirdness and attitude. Also informative.

Any must-read blogs that you’d like to share?

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