Sweet potato fritters

I think it might be stretching things to call this a recipe, but my new invention, sweet potato fritters, are yum. No pics because I didn’t think to whip out the camera.

A few weeks back I found quinoa flour in a local shop. Since I like the health factor of quinoa, but haven’t found any recipes for the whole seed that blow me away, I snapped up the flour, then sat down to think what I could make with it. My criteria were simple, quick and tasty. And there I stuck for a few weeks, till inspiration struck.

I grated a small sweet potato and very finely sliced half an onion, I mixed both thoroughly in quinoa flour with a pinch of salt — enough quinoa flour that after everything was coated, there was a small amount of flour just sitting in the bowl. To that mix I added two eggs, stirred the mess till it was all sticky and then fried the fritters in olive oil.


The seedy nuttiness of the quinoa flour perfectly matched the sweetness of the sweet potato. The onion added a savory note. Two eggs were a good idea since the quinoa flour is a bit heavy. Even better, these fritters tasted just as good cold the next day. I love recipes that do double duty.

9 Replies to “Sweet potato fritters”

  1. I just posted a lenitl recipe on my blog, but it does not use fresh ingredients. I am working overseas and only have a small room. So in order to be able to store food, I use a lot of dehydrated ingredients. Surprisingly the food always comes out great. I love lenitls.

    1. Great minds 🙂 I'm planning on some sweet potato tonight. And I knew there was another name for sweet potatoes and couldn't remember. Kumaras!

  2. So it's kind of like potato pancakes but with sweet potatoes?

    I'm not fond of sweet potatoes but hubby loves them and I just planted a whole row of them so I was glad to see this recipe. I'm going to try it and see what he thinks.


    1. I'm not a big fan of sweet potatoes, normally. Though I love them in soups. But this recipe works! Hope your hubby enjoys 🙂

      Did you know you can eat the young green leaves of sweet potato plants? Have you tried them? I've heard this, and even seen them sold at markets, but somehow can't bring myself to nip over the back fence, steal some of my neighbour's and try them.