Edible Gardens in the City

On Tuesday I was chatting about creating our own edible gardens in the suburbs. But in the city they’ve gone one step further and created public edible gardens — on the roof of a car park!

Urban Orchard is a fantastic idea that, thanks to lots of hard work, has turned a rather drab area into a tranquil, life-affirming oasis. If you know Perth at all, the directions to the Urban Orchard are simple. It’s just outside the Art Gallery of Western Australia.

Potatoes & peas growing & flowering in the Urban Orchard
The water garden

If you’re interested in community gardens, you may want to check out the Australian City Farms & Community Gardens Network site.

2 Replies to “Edible Gardens in the City”

  1. What a terrific idea. I've seen communities "borrow" vacant city lots to plant veggies in the spring. Not only does it keep neighborhood residents involved, it keeps a piece of property from falling into a weedy haven for rats and nefarious characters. Everybody wins. At least it keeps the property maintained until it sells.