Meet Bilby

Bilby the … ahem … bilby is my new writing mascot. He perched on the arm of my reading chair for the photo since that was a better light than the crowded corner of my desk where he now lives.

I know I failed in the naming game. Give an author a break. We’re always having to think up new names for characters. I decided bilby, cute though he is, could simply be “Bilby”.

Bilbies are an Australian marsupial. More info at the Save the Bilbies site.

7 Replies to “Meet Bilby”

    1. And there's the question I didn't want anyone to ask! 🙂

      Bilby arrived with a tag saying where he was made … I immediately cut it off and threw it away — without committing the details to my leaky sieve memory.

      Sorry, Maria. I just don't know. Some sort of eucalypt I'd think.

    1. Thanks, Shelley … and Bilby says Hi!

      …the fact I can hear an inanimate object say hi? I think it's time I stepped away from the computer!

      Enjoy your weekend 🙂