Busy Week

It’s been a busy week, what with the launch of Escape Publishing and finally being able to share that they’ll be publishing my short (10,000 words) contemporary romance, Drawing Closer. Then there was the fact that Guarding Christmas, my FREE READ, is now available for download. I do love a returned-warrior story.

Before I forget, I’m hosting this week’s #steampunkchat at 9pm Friday (New York time). The topic is Steampunk Dreams: what would you like to see in your steampunk?

What else? This isn’t big news, but I went for a walk along the beach and decided that I MUST fit that sort of activity in more often. Yep, even me who hates exercise!

And finally, I read Kat Mayo’s article on findings from ARRA’s readers’ survey. Seems like contemporary romance might be edging ahead of paranormal. Very interesting. I wonder if this becomes a trend.

See you there!

6 Replies to “Busy Week”

  1. Congrats for your new publication, Jenny. That's very interesting about the contemporary versus paranormal sales. Lucky I like both. 🙂

    Can't knock a walk on the beach either. 🙂

    1. There's definitely something to be said for walking on the beach 🙂

      And that contemp and para thing from the survey was interesting because I'd been sensing for a couple of years a shift in what editors were asking for … ie more contemporary. Romantic suspense seems to stay popular no matter what.