Self-control and blogging

My life is not all books. Just thought I should say. What between my short story releases from Escape Publishing lately and my reviews for the Australian Women Writers Challenge, you may be wondering if I do anything but read and write. I definitely need to get some photos organised to prove there is a life away from the printed word 🙂

For instance, the chicory seeds I planted? Epic fail. Not one grew. On the other hand, mustard spinach is proving super-easy to grow, tasty and already pick-and-pick again. I like that in a plant!

I’m rambling on about plants because what I want to do is write a review of Maggie Gilbert’s Riding on Air for the Australian Women Writers Challenge young adult section. But I do have self-control and this post is not going to be about books (although this is a good one!).

I am so excited that the Romance Writers of Australia Conference will be happening in Fremantle this year. And the shout goes up! “Freo! Freo!”. I grew up near Fremantle, went to high school there and love the place — although you don’t want to get me started on the re-development plans for the city. I HATE them! I’m a ranty, ranty pants, today.

But talking about the conference, do you think it’s too early to start planning what I’ll wear? The theme for the costume party bit is “Nautical or Nice”. I could be a steampunk pirate! It’s nice to dream 🙂 Given how nervous I am about my first ever RWAus conference, and how shy I am about costuming up ever, I’ll probably play it safe. No! not a little black dress. Maybe a navy one 😉

We’re having such a hot autumn that I’m writing this with the ceiling fan whirring. Today is not the day for me to encounter a climate change sceptic. I think I’d chase them with Toby’s collar of shame!

Boufhead, ie my dog who thinks he’s a bulldozer, grazed his head doing who knows what one morning. Probably pushing into the gap between the lemon tree and the fence where a dog his size does NOT fit. So for over a week he had to wear the collar of shame. It took that long since any chance to scratch, he took! **** dog!

So there’s a post totally not about books or writing. Whew. Now, may I have my second cup of coffee? 🙂

3 Replies to “Self-control and blogging”

  1. RWA was the best conference I ever attended. Expensive, but worth it. Soak up all you can.

    Re: outfits
    You're a braver soul than I am. 😀