Stormy Weather

Here’s a photo to scare you away from ever visiting Perth — not that I want to do that!

Perth storm clouds
Perth storm clouds

but then the clouds cleared (for a while) and I had an absolutely lovely lunch with some writer friends. Honest to goodness, authors! I think we scared the waiter 😉

I know one creature unfazed by the promised wild weather …


On the positive side, the storms are bringing much needed rain. Toby, my dog, would however like to point out that rain without thunder is possible and would be much preferred. So you have your orders, weather gods!

I’ve been writing. My steampunk romance short story, “Befogged”, is sub’d to Ticonderoga Press’s Kisses by Clockwork anthology. After struggling for inspiration on this one (aiming at an emotionally satisfying romance in 3,000 words is tough), I ended up going for something less heavy on the romance and angst, and much heavier on gadget fun and some tongue-in-cheek history and fictional references. However, that fun inspired an idea for a full length novel. Aaargh! I do NOT have time to write a steampunk novel this year … unless I clone myself. I’m considering it!

My SF story is proving ridiculously difficult to write. I say “ridiculously” because the issue is that its world has become all too real to me. So I’m struggling to make the characters behave and allow me to pull the many tangled threads together for the surprise-twist ending that is the point of the story. But this is a good problem to have — characters living, breathing and tantruming.

Then with all decks cleared, I want to write Brodie’s story as fast as I possibly can. I’ve been thinking of this story for months, so I can’t wait to dive in. I’m determined that this time I will crack the  50,000 word barrier that is haunting me. I can write longer length, and I will!




8 Replies to “Stormy Weather”

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  2. Is there a secret to knowing which story to work on first when you have all these wonderful ideas? Cloning does seem a good plan. 🙂

    I'm with Toby. I don't think much of that thunder stuff either……

      1. Yes fun, fun , fun place and great gift ideas AND good wine AND good servers there. and a video of head sanvihg uh, maybe not .just keep wearing funny hats. I loved TJ’s place. Crazy peoople and atmosphere! MA & Dad

  3. It is hard to write short, yet satisfying. Novellas are doable and novels can get all the meat in, but short stories are tough to do well.

    Re: thunder
    Tank and Iko heartily agree with Toby. For two giant dogs, they are big babies when it thunders.