Potato Flour

Impulse buys! Weirdly enough it’s not dress shops or shoe stores where I have to worry about impulse buying. It’s supermarkets.

The other day I walked in to buy a couple of things and discovered potato flour on the shelf. So of course I bought it, even though I have no idea what to do with it. I’ll probably google for recipes — although if anyone has a cool recipe for potato flour or a link to one, please share in the comments. As it is, I did a quick, plain mix yesterday just to try it out.

Recipe: A few spoonfuls of potato flour, pinch of salt, one egg and a dash of cold water.

This mixed up into a weird yellow-custard looking thing. I dropped teaspoonfuls onto a baking tray and stuck in a hot oven for almost ten minutes. I had really low expectations since the mix lay on the tray like pathetic pikelets.

But in cooking, they did puff up a bit, even curving in a way that you could pile cream cheese and toppings on them (hmm, ideas!). They had a really hard outer shell, but were kind of chewy. Definitely bland with an eggy smell.


My big finding is that potato flour doesn’t bake well by itself, but I may try frying in butter as pikelets or I’m thinking that it would be an interesting addition to a muffin mix.

Heston Blumenthol I’m not, but I quite enjoy small food experiments — even if they generally have weird results.

3 Replies to “Potato Flour”

  1. Dear Jenny,
    Gnocci might be a good use of your potato flour, should you feel the call to make your own pasta.