Nearly Conference!

In two weeks, I’ll be attending my first ever Romance Writers of Australia conference. The experience promises to be overwhelming. That’s the feedback from people who’ve attended in the past. It’s also my judgement when I look at the program. So much to do.

So I’ve stripped down my expectations of the conference.

One, instead of killing myself trying to cram as much knowledge into my bewildered brain as possible, I’ll simply sit quietly (no note-taking — a concept I’m struggling with) during sessions, enjoying the moment and reading the conference notes later. I’m going to trust that the important information will stick with me.

Two, people are the heart and soul of the conference and my reason for being there. I’d like to meet people I’ve been chatting with online — authors, editors, reviewers and readers.

And that’s it. By focussing on what’s important to me, I’ll be open to enjoying the unexpected, without getting buried in an avalanche of activity.


Before the conference, I’d like to revise “Hero Duty”. My crit partner is actually Super-Editor in disguise and has cracked open the story to show me new possibilities, as well as improving my craft. Don’t you love being partnered with someone smarter than you? Yay, Eliza! Thank you 🙂


I’m also a tiny bit involved in conference preparation. Just enough to marvel at how the conference committee achieves so much. They are amazing volunteers.

But all of that means that I mightn’t manage another post here before conference. Don’t miss me too much!

AFTER conference I’ll share a huge post on my experience of it — stay tuned.


9 Replies to “Nearly Conference!”

    1. Coleen, the question "to pitch or not to pitch" was so tough. I wavered and decided "no", justifying my cowardice with the fact I had no complete MS and that at my first conference I'd be nervous enough without *gasp* talking to editors about my books 🙂 I hope you're braver than me next year!

    2. My cousin who is more my siestr is due in November after trying to get pregnant for years. I would love to give her something really beautiful and this blanket would be perfect. I would love the yellow edging. Thank you!

  1. If the Australian conference is anything like the one in the US, look for audio tapes of all the workshops. They'll be recording almost everything and they usually have them on sale on the last day. I bought a set when RWA came to Texas. It was an absolute goldmine of information, and it lessened my guilt when I couldn't go to two different workshops at the same time.

    Have a wonderful time. You are going to LOVE it.

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