Post-conference Changes

First, a quick heads up. I have a new blog posting schedule. I’ll be posting once a week on Thursday mornings (Wednesday nights in the US). I’ll be focusing on topics related to upcoming releases or projects I’m currently working on. Sarah Wendell (of Smart Bitches fame) inspired me to lock down my social media strategy.

Which brings me to some other post-conference changes. sea

I am now self-identifying not just as an Australian contemporary romance author, but one who writes coastal romance. My Jardin Bay series falls into that new category (mentioned by Harlequin at the conference) beautifully.

The lesson for me here is that if you follow your heart, everything you do ends up pulling together into a coherent story — or as the jargon would have it — my author brand is real.

Before I forget, one of the highlights of the RWAus conference was catching up with author friends. Michelle Diener gave me an ARC of her latest historical romance, Banquet of Lies. It’s wonderful and I had to share that with you! You’ll be reading the modern Georgette Heyer.

Back on track about changes. Does anyone else use Google Plus? I joined up at the beginning but pretty much let it lapse. I’m now trying to post something there now and then.

Ooh! I forgot to say IMAGES in my notes on conference. Or did I remember? Sarah Wendell mentioned how well images engage people on social media and get reshared — something I’ve definitely heard before. So, since Google+ shares images really well (maybe not quite as well as Tumblr, but I can’t be on every social media platform), that’ll probably be what I most share there. If you’re on G+, please say hi! I’m at this address.

I have a fairly ambitious writing schedule over the next few months, which is why I’m slimming down my social media presence, including blogging only once a week — unless I have a new release, in which case I’ll be hyperactive.

Kiss It Better is my current project. As with Hero Duty, I’m aiming for just over the 50k mark, a nice category romance length. Cassie is a surgical nurse, Theo is a doctor; neither is doing the job they trained for. When dreams crash and burn …

After that comes a story of Cassie’s cousin. She is already incredibly real to me, but first Cassie has her struggle and redemption. I have to admit, Theo is one hell of a hero. Kiss It Better is a quarter life crisis story that I know will resonate with everyone.

4 Replies to “Post-conference Changes”

  1. Hi, Jenny, it's about re-assessing priorities. Successful time and effort management is critically important in achieving ones goals. It's wonderful to know you have focused on exactly the type of story you wish to write. Best of luck!

  2. Wow, you are going to be super busy with all these wonderful goals you've set yourself. I look forward to the results. 🙂

    The quarter life article was interesting and I can easily imagine how many people would relate to it – myself included.

    1. D, I came across a few articles on quarter life crisis and looking back, it resonated for me, too. We all have to take stock at some point and I think we leave school and hit the ground running, then after a bit, we wonder where we're running to!