It’s Love, Dude – Happiness!

I’m sharing a snippet of It’s Love, Dude over at the Dark Side DownUnder blog, but I’m still not telling if there are woylies or not. I’m mean that way 😉

I had a giddy moment yesterday and created this nonsense:


And *drumroll* It’s Love, Dude was mentioned, no make that recommended, in the same post that celebrated Amanda Quick’s books — and I love all her books. It’s Love, Dude: “funny and fearless”. Read the whole post at the Escape Publishing blog – and meet Elizabeth, the new intern with exceptional taste in books!

6 Replies to “It’s Love, Dude – Happiness!”

  1. That was a wonderful mention–and well deserved too! I'm so proud of you, Jenny. You've blossomed in the time I've known you. 🙂