• Maria Zannini

    Already following you on Feedly. I really liked Bloglovin except for one major thing. They truncate posts. That's fine for friends because I'll likely go over there anyway to comment, but most of the blogs I read are 'scan and delete'.

    It's too bad. I much prefer it to Feedly.

    PS You're never annoying. :)

    • http://authorjennyschwartz.com Jenny_Schwartz

      Yeah, I just hit that truncation speedbump this morning. Ick!

      Thanks for saying I'm never annoying – I shall quote you! ;)

  • D.D. Line

    I have a hard time believing being annoying is in your DNA, Jenny. :)

    • http://authorjennyschwartz.com Jenny_Schwartz

      Oh it is! but I'm thrilled to learn I've fooled you ;)