Creativity is part of all our lives. It’s how we reach out to each other and share our visions; the wonders we see, the wrongs, the challenges and delights, the quiet pleasures. It is a giving of ourselves.

Recently @ToddSampsonOz on Twitter shared a very short video by Ira Glass, “The Gap”. Maybe you’ve already seen it? If not, taking the two minutes to view it is worthwhile. It makes a thoughtful point that anyone engaged in a creative profession will understand. It’s both reassuring and challenging.

The Gap by Ira Glass

Connecting with others who share your creative dreams is also important. It re-energises you because they understand the dark times as well as the joys. They remind you to enjoy the latter and that you’ve survived the former.

Tomorrow I’ll be attending the Library Lovers Talks and catching up with my critique partner to celebrate our progress so far and plot our next steps. Watch out, world!

4 Replies to “Creativity”

  1. Love the picture. It's beautiful. And I agree wholeheartedly that it is wonderful to have support of like-minded people to see us through the highs and lows of our creative outlets. 🙂 Have fun plotting tomorrow.