You know what maps spells backwards?

Yeah. I am SO sorry if over the weekend you’ve been receiving weird notifications that someone has replied to your comments at my blog.

I’ve deleted the freakin plug-in responsible. It was meant to make commenting easier — it sure did! easier for spammers. By replying to your comments (via the plug-in) they circumvented my blog’s Akismet protection.

The problem should be fixed now. Again, I am so sorry that you’ve been bothered.

For now, I’ll leave the commenting function as the standard one for WordPress. That’s not the best option if commenters don’t have a WordPress account, but at least it’s one I know the makers bother to defend against spammers!

Grrr. This was not how I hoped to start the week.

3 Replies to “mapS”

  1. Hopefully, Disqus is now installed and quietly working. I thought of staying with the simple WordPress comment feature, but a quick google suggested the best option was Disqus. Let’s hope so.