Red Rose – Thorns & Passion

Steampunk inspired. Though obviously not steampunk, just an old flat iron with roses.

Red Rose Week and expect the unexpected — from yourself! Life gets a bit prickly and so does your mood.


I don’t know about you, but sometimes the expectation from those around us that we’ll just get over our grumps is exasperating. Guys, I’m grumpy for a reason!

This is the week to look out for thorns, swear at them and then bleed creativity.

Oh yeah. This is a week filled with passion — and passion isn’t always “nice”. Pay close attention to what is most impacting you: fear, desire, anger, disappointment. There’s something there and it’s the door you can open to change things. You’ll find your passion in the thing that upsets you the most. Turn it upside down and inside out this week until you’ve shaken loose your own passion.

Tap the energy that is just waiting to explode. The energy that says to heck with being sensible, I’m going to do it! Whatever “it” is.

3 Replies to “Red Rose – Thorns & Passion”

    1. *happy and slightly evil laugh*

      I spent so many years being too nice to my characters. Now I’m learning to put them through torments — and the results are surprising. I’m so glad that in the writing community people keep challenging us to dig deeper. It’s so worth it.