First up, Kiss Me, Quick is out now. This is not a coincidence, since it’s a cowboy for Valentine’s Day romance 😉


Second, Second Chance Island is out in three days!

I know authors are biased, but you are going to love “Second Chance Island”. Meeting the great love of your life and having a second chance to get things right is one of my favourite storylines in romance. Add in the setting – a tropical island on the Great Barrier Reef and wow! This is a short story that steals you away for an hour. Enjoy!

Third, Djinn Justice, the sequel to Demon Hunter, has been rudely nudged aside by a shiny new idea. I really must learn to write faster, so that I can do everything. Be prepared for a surprise, later in the year (but not too much later!). But I will get Djinn Justice finished ASAP because it rocks! Here’s a snippet from the beginning:

The curtain blew in, a drift of white on the Mediterranean breeze. Beyond the balcony, the night sky met the darkness of the sea, and hid a thousand mysteries. Inside the villa, in the big bed, Fay Olwen snuggled closer to her lover, and smiled at his husky approving murmur… 

Finally, I’m going to take the morning off to read (and justify the indulgence by also critiquing) the first three chapters of my crit partner’s current MS. Sometimes being an author is awesome!

2 Replies to “Update”

    1. Shelley, KU is interesting. So interesting that I find it hard to type all the random things I want to say — wish you were closer for coffee and chat.

      I found that the stuff I didn’t write specifically for KU hasn’t really clicked there. Low borrows and sales.

      But this latest for Valentine’s Day (and written taking into account the people I thought most likely to be gifted kindles with kindle unlimited subscriptions at Christmas) is being borrowed steadily. That may crash once VDay is over. But for me, it was proof that this is a way to approach the opportunities KU offers authors. Short, targeted, think long magazine story (the kind that had almost died out). But my thinking, as I said, is still confused and evolving on KU 🙂