Pomegranate Week


Some people think it was the pomegranate, and not the apple, that was the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. If it was, then I have to admire Eve’s determination in chewing through that skin! It’s tough.

A Pomegranate Week celebrates the sweetness hidden inside tough circumstances — and hidden inside us!

All of us learn through life how to protect ourselves. But sometimes we become too good at curling up, turning inward, hoarding our better selves. In a Pomegranate Week we need to risk smiling, risk being generous, risk splitting our tough skins to let others enjoy some sweetness. And if someone takes that risk before you, be appreciative of their courage and the joy they’re sharing.

The sting in a Pomegranate Week is having expectations. The snake in the Garden of Eden slithered around promising all kinds of good things. Life is more complicated. Being brave and generous doesn’t mean that karma immediately rewards you with the same. Be sweet, anyway.

4 Replies to “Pomegranate Week”

  1. I love pomegranates! My mother always got my brother and I big, luscious pomegranates during Thanksgiving. Such a splendid fruit. Focusing on the topic, I’m terrified of Karma so I try to be as sweet as well, a pomegranate, in any given situation. I think if people would describe me in one word, most would say, “That Mary. One sweet gal.” It doesn’t take much of an effort to be kind to others.

    1. Mary, I’d definitely call you sweet 🙂 And I agree, kindness isn’t hard, so why not be that person?

      As for pomegranates, they’re the original “forbidden fruit” in my memory. My nana’s neighbours had a tree that grew over their fence into an open lot. It was just forbidden enough to be wonderful 🙂 And I’m guessing that for Mum, it was a whole lot nicer than mulberries that stained everything!

      1. I can’t imagine WHAT I would’ve done had I actually had a tree to pick this luscious fruit from! But I do remember eating so many during the holidays that my fingers would be stained. I’ve never eaten mulberries, believe it or not, so I can’t comment there. Hmmm. Note to self: Need to try.

        1. Never eaten mulberries? If you get a chance to eat them straight from the tree, go for it! but definitely not in your good clothes 🙂 Unripe mulberry fruit rubbed on your fingers will take the purple stain from the ripe fruit away