Gazania Week


Gazanias are brilliantly coloured, bold flowers that flourish in the toughest conditions. I have great memories of using their petals as kid to produce the loudest, shrillest whistles. You held a petal taut and blew against it.

Who are you going to whistle to this week?

Call a friend, chat with a work colleague, make plans with family — initiate something that brings some happy socialising into people’s lives. Start a Twitter hashtag, join in one; party at a Facebook event; wander around the internet commenting on blogs (bloggers love that!).

Indulge your sociable instincts, no matter how unpromising the situation seems. Like gazanias, beauty can flourish in surprising places.

4 Replies to “Gazania Week”

  1. Well, for starters…I’m going to whistle at you, m’lady. I’m so jealous. You Aussie’s have the most beautiful flowers, wildlife, nature! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a gazania but I do know the childhood trick. We did it with blades of grass. I’d much prefer to do it with gazania. So lovely! Have a beautiful, bright week!!