Spring House Cleaning

I’m discontinuing Flower Fortunes. It’s hayfever season AND I’m super-busy, so taking flower photos just isn’t happening.

I’ll keep the blog up to date with my writing and publishing news, and some random posts, I expect. I’m still reviewing books, although, again, this is suffering from my lack of time. Those reviews are on my BookLikes blog.

Spring cleaning is the less ominous title that I’m giving to my current audit of writing-related activities. “Promotion” has become a catch-all label under which I suspect a few unnecessary (but fun) activities have been hiding. I shall be ruthless and bin them because I really need to gain some time for the main game: writing.

Do you ever audit how you spend your time?

7 Replies to “Spring House Cleaning”

  1. I do audit my time. Can’t say it helps much because I find some way to muck it up again & again. While I enjoyed your Flower Fortunes, I do want you to have the necessary time required to write those winners that are in you. In any event, I’ll still be here following you & I’m sure I’m not alone. Good luck, Jenny!!

    1. Thanks, Mary!

      Unrelated: I’ve been reading a mystery series set in Louisiana and I think I finally understand how different your idea of a “camp” is from mine! I think tents, and you’re talking of permanent structures. We tend to call them “holiday shacks” or if it’s purely fishing, “fishing shacks”. Not very imaginative!

      1. Aaaah! I see where one can get confused. No! Our camp was nothing like a tent, although I do enjoy tent camping or what we call primitive camping. The camp is basically a double wide house trailer. Quite comfortable, with most of the luxuries of home…even satellite TV. Yes! Our men do take their hunting camps serious. They’re just home away from home man caves. Lol!!

          1. Satellite TV!!! Okay, that’s the sort of “camping” I could get into 🙂

            The book was “Louisiana Longshot” by Jana deLeon.