Soul searching can become navel-gazing. Have you decided to write a book, become a best-selling author, learn to tap dance? Whatever your goal, second guessing it, and how you plan to achieve it, just wastes energy.

I’m trying to change my tendency to think-churn. I know what I’m doing, now, in terms of my writing goals. I’m (finally) writing “Djinn Justice”, the sequel to “Demon Hunter”. I don’t need to waste energy thinking of what I could be doing if I wasn’t writing it. Endless mental debates on options are exhausting.

My new strategy is yet more lists! I have a black book in which I write my broad writing goals, then break them down to weekly targets. It’s both scary and thrilling to see how ambitious my goals are. What’s more, they’re achievable if I stop thinking about them and just do them!

Motivation: the decision to just do it!

7 Replies to “Motivation”

  1. That’s a great idea to write out your goals in broad strokes and long range. I used to do that when I was a kid.

    Nowadays my lists are very specific and short range (usually about a year). I’d do longer range goals but a lot of them involve the husband and his idea of progress and mine are years apart. LOL.