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When it comes to Facebook advertising, I’m still falling off my bike despite the trainer wheels on it. For me, at any rate, it’s mysterious and generally disappointing in its results. However, I’ve been reading and learning as others have shared their experience, and this is what I’m trying for Sky Garden‘s Kindle Scout campaign.

For 29 days of the campaign I’ve set a $2 maximum budget (hey, that adds up to $58! that’s not cheap) and have gone with a single ad.

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The idea is that by running the ad throughout the campaign, Facebook’s algorithms will learn and improve who it serves the ad to. I selected women, from the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. I also added romantic suspense authors’ names under the “interests” button: Sharon Sala, Linda Howard, JD Robb, Karen Robards.

Rather than create my own graphic, I used a free stock image from the selection Facebook offers when you’re creating your ads. I’ve heard unverified rumours that using these stock images increases the number of times Facebook serves the ad. Plus, the image really captures the vibe of Sky Garden.

Will this work? Who knows. But I’m hoping for a few additional nominations of Sky Garden AND some more likes for my Facebook page.

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2 Replies to “Facebook Advertising”

  1. Hope all of your hard work pays off. I’ve been reposting and reblogging everywhere. I’m sure you won’t mind. Hoping to interest some of my Facebook friends, too! I have a large amount of book friends so, fingers crossed. I KNOW this book will be a HIT! Please vote if you haven’t already. Jenny is a lovely author with great stories to tell. 🙂