flower fortunes, predictions, inspiration,I’m closing my eyes to the fact that Christmas is a week away. La, la, la – fingers in ears – I can’t hear you! I’m still coming to terms with the fact that it’s summer, and it kind of has been for two months in my corner of the world. What can I say? I’ve been busy!

However, with no more books releasing this year, my tight focus on keyboard and screen can ease up a little.

Last week I went out and simply chilled. I had an iced blended mocha. Oh heaven. It was a slurpee for grown ups 🙂

I’d like to experiment with salads over the next few months. Really jazz things up. Try different bases — I love carbohydrates, so I’m thinking of the staples: pasta, rice and potato. But I’m also contemplating couscous, quinoa and whatever else a study of my cookbooks and the supermarket shelves tempts me with. I like chickpeas and I might try lentils.


The basil is going crazy in the garden, so that’ll be in some salads. Add it to tomatoes and soft white cheese and yum! I made a basil frittata the other night with leftover pasta. The fresh basil was stunning. Definitely didn’t taste like leftovers.

No summer holiday for me this year. I have an ambitious publishing schedule to feed. However, with lovely beaches only a short drive away, fantastic fresh food to cook with, and my comfy outdoor rocking chair in which to sit in the shade and watch the flitting, chirping honeyeaters play, I don’t think I’m doing so badly — and hopefully I’ll get a chance to read more books. My kindle is stocked and ready to roll.


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