It’s the Weekend!

DSC04413 I’d love to be at the beach, today. Cool, clean air. But that’s not going to happen! I have an evil headache from hell. I’m hoping to write a bit more of Plague Cult, which is at such an exciting point, however, I have a premonition this headache will defeat me. It sent me to bed yesterday.

Do you hear violins playing? This is a bit of a self-pitying post. Sorry! The headache feels kind of flu-ey. Muscle aches and pains… I do not want to be sick!

Why doesn’t the universe listen when we say, “too busy, I’ll be sick later”?

This is a big week. Doctor Wolf is out Wednesday. I also have a secret project, a group project, that ought to be out this week — it’s been hard not to mention it, here.

Grrr. It’s only 8am, but I think the computer’s going off. I’ll try another coffee, in case caffeine really is magic, but otherwise I think today is a day given over to the headache gods.

Hope you have a better weekend!

6 Replies to “It’s the Weekend!”

  1. Awww, Jenn! Hope you’re feeling better. I suffer from migraines so I can sympathize. I’m so used to the headaches that I’ve learned to function with them. My sis and I recently spent a few days in New Orleans and I stayed with a headache the entire time. But…I was in New Orleans, my happy place, so I suffered through. Lol. I WISH I had an Australian beach to walk on though. As soon as you feel better and get some writing behind you, get thee self to the beach. ASAP!!

    Feel better, my girl! <3

    1. I’d tolerate a headache for New Orleans, too!!! but migraines *shudder* I’m glad that wasn’t it this weekend. And wise words, to the beach! 🙂 Happy weekend, Mary! thanks for popping in with sympathy