Cornbread, KU and Other Matters

First up, thank you to everyone who shared tips and encouragement on how to make cornbread. You can see below the result of my efforts on Saturday. Not bad for a first attempt! And it was so yummy. I’ll be baking this, again. A special thanks to Valerie for her tip that I preheat the pie dish (I don’t have a skillet). The edge was crusty and perfect. The recipe was from Sally’s Baking Addiction (although because I was too impatient to wait for the melted butter to cool, I added the buttermilk before the egg).


Hollywood Demon is out on Saturday and I’m trying not to hyperventilate as I hope and wish and dream that it launches well. I love Clancy and Mark, the couple in this story. He was her first crush.

Free Books Alert!

The Urban Fantasy (and Paranormal Romance) Sale is offering free books this Friday and Saturday (August 26-27). Definitely check them out – the sale includes my collection of paranormal romantic suspense, Dare. However, if you can’t wait for Dare to go free, you can pick up my collection of sensual steampunk and fantasy, Indulge, free right now (till August 25). It has a snazzy new cover – do you like it?


Kindle Unlimited

If you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber — and if you are, I envy you so much. Amazon won’t let Australians join this subscription service and my book budget suffers as a result (hello, Instafreebie!) — there’s an urban fantasy and paranormal romance focused event hosted by author Roz Marshall happening now. You can browse some amazing books.

kindle unlimited paranormal romance

Wildflower Season

It’s nearly spring in my corner of the world, and that means the wildflowers are out. If you’re ever in Perth, Western Australia, in September you should not miss the Kings Park Festival, which is held at the city’s botanic gardens. I’m not sure I’ll make it there this year. I hope I do. I was there in 2014 and it was fantastic. West Australian wildflowers are unique in the world.

Black kangaroo paws

With your encouragement last week, I’ve dived into Instafreebie. I’ve picked up:

Amy Hopkins – Dream Stalker
J. L. Hendricks – Eclipse of the Beginning
Rogenna Brewer – Sealed with a Kiss
Mark E. Cooper – Way of the Wolf

free steampunkAnd I even put a copy of my steampunk novella, Clockwork Gold, up on Instafreebie with a new cover. That was pushing my tech skills to their limit! The cover looks sexier than the story is. Clockwork Gold is me re-imagining West Australian history (which I studied cough-cough years ago at university).


Strong Women

If you’re into giveaways and contests, please don’t forget to enter the Strong Women in Fiction giveaway before it ends August 31. There are two big prizes of $1,000 each.

And that’s it from me, until Saturday – which is Release Day for Hollywood Demon! Will I survive the anticipation and excitement? 🙂

paranormal romance, Jenny Schwartz, kindle unlimited,

Hollywood Demon is out Saturday August 27 and available for pre-order now at 99c.

11 Replies to “Cornbread, KU and Other Matters”

  1. OK. First up, CONGRATULATIONS on HOLLYWOOD DEMON publishing day!!!! Yay! I’ve got a copy. Second, I lovvvve the new covers for INDULGE & CLOCKWORK GOLD. Covers likje this always grab my attention; one of the reasons I started reading cozy mysteries is because of their snazzy covers, similar to these. Anywho, good stuff! Love it!! Third, looks like your cornbread came out perfect. I could smell from here. (Well, my imagination could smell.) Yum!! It does look scrumptious. Lastly, you & I have discussed flowers before. My goodness! I adore those bell flowers! Get thee to that festival in September. You’ve earned your time to stop and smell the flowers. ????

    Congrats and happy book birthday to HOLLYWOOD DEMON!!

    Have a great weekend!????

    1. Mary, reading your comments always makes me feel happy 🙂 Thank you! And the cornbread is so good I must have been American in a previous life! It baked perfectly.

      You’re absolutely right. I must make time to smell (and photograph) the flowers.

      And thank you for the book birthday wishes 🙂

  2. I think Feedly has been playing footsies with your blog posts. I don’t see them for hours after you’ve posted, and sometimes not at all.

    I’m going to have to be more proactive about seeking you out. The last time this happened to a blog I was following, Feedly eventually stopped posting the feed all together. No matter how many times I reloaded it, it wouldn’t work. I sent Feedly an email but they said they couldn’t find anything wrong.

    Two years later, that blog is FINALLY showing up on my feed on its own. I just hope they don’t do that to you–but then I’d probably remember you anyway. 🙂

    1. You better remember me, Maria — or I’ll kidnap Nana! It’s only my liking for you (and my respect for Iko’s teeth) that stops me dognapping. (Well, that and the distance factor). But I’m a Nana fan 🙂

      As for Feedly … I’ve no solutions, only grrrs.

      1. It doesn’t do it all the time, but that’s how it started with the other blog.

        Nana will be glad she has a fan. She has so few. LOL! But you can’t dognap her. Even Greg has tried, but she’s stuck on me. Or maybe I’m stuck with her. 😀

  3. This is fantastic!, Thank-you for the Instafreebie links. But something’s not quite right with the link to Clockwork Gold. Instafreebie’s asking me to sign in instead of requesting the book. How do we fix this?