Which Monster Would You Kiss?

A new Beauty and the Beast movie is out next year starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens.

I love Beauty and the Beast tales. Beauty by Robin McKinley is one of my favourites. Fire Rose by Mercedes Lackey was also good, although it’s been years since I read it, so my memory is a bit shaky on the storyline.

It’s all started me thinking, and I have a question.

If you HAD to kiss a monster, which monster would you choose?

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26 Replies to “Which Monster Would You Kiss?”

  1. Well darn, I can’t think of a great answer after reading everyone else’s.

    If the monster is written ‘the right way’ (lol) I might be a bit too free with my kisses.

    And I’m trying very hard to get the idea of spider shifter out of my mind – but there’s a spinnatod that devours one’s victims (aka draining the fluids and leaving the dry husk) so the creature can retain his or her youth and beauty – aka the TV show – Grimm.

  2. Kissing a monster…let’s see. I’ve always found Dracula completely sexy & I DO consider him a monster. Wouldn’t mind a bit of a nibble from Dracula. Even better if it was the lovely Louis from Anne Rice’s IWTV. I could handle an eternity kissing Louis. Oh yeah!! 😀

    1. For those that didn’t get my abbreviation: Interview with the Vampire (Brad Pitt played the sweet, suicidal, tormented, gentle Louis to perfection.)

      1. Mary, vampires make my skin crawl (and not in a good way, LOL) – but when you’re right, you’re right! For Brad Pitt I could definitely make an exception 🙂

          1. Angelina who? LOL I think I need more coffee – I truly wondered if she was Spiderman’s girlfriend!!!

            The whole Brangelina breakup is so sad when I think of all the kids. Hope someone is there for them.

    1. You’ve intrigued me! I can’t find it on Amazon though … is it Dark Kiss of the Reaper? but the hero’s not Kol. Now I have to find it!

      I’ve been enjoying Amanda M Lee’s light, snarky take on reapers in the Grim series.

  3. Ifor I were to kiss one, it would be the Beast from Beauty and the Beast, or any werewolf that I ran across, who knows, maybe I would be a fated mate, lol…