Kindle Unlimited – Bestsellers and Obscure Finds

Kindle Unlimited – So Many Great Reads

I’m enjoying my Kindle Unlimited subscription immensely. This week I’ve asked other authors to help me build an eclectic mix of books in Kindle Unlimited that people can lucky pick. I don’t know what you’ll find – and I can’t guarantee that all the books will stay in Kindle Unlimited. But I hope you discover some gems. Enjoy!

Quick note: Although I don’t think I’ve listed any shocking books, some themes or scenes within them mightn’t appeal to you. Please read the blurb and reviews before diving in.

And finally, if you know of anyone curating lists of good books to read that are in Kindle Unlimited, I’d love a link in the comments. Thanks!

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Hunted on the Fens, Joy Ellis
Throw a Monkey Wrench, Karen Chester
Murder and Mayhem in Goose Pimple Junction, Amy Metz
Mango Cake and Murder, Christy Murphy
On the Chopping Block, Jenny Kales
Midnight Exposure, Melinda Leigh
Death of an Idiot Boss, Janice Croom
Red on the Run (The Syndicate Born trilogy), KM Hodge
Phantom Limb, Lucinda Berry
Any Witch Way You Can, Amanda M Lee
Darkness in the Light, JK Lincoln
A Charming Crime, Tonya Kappes
The Sage Wind Blows Cold, Clint Hollingsworth
Post: A Thriller, Sean Black
Hypoxia: A Thriller, Wolf White
The Best Friend, Shalini Boland

Science Fiction

Missing. The Lost Colony series, Andrew C Broderick
Gladiator, Anna Hackett
Death Becomes Her, Michael Anderle
The Tilt, MA Robbins
After the Pretty Pox: The Attic, August Ansel
The Erten Tales (Rebels of Blood Moon series) EL Hewitt
Shadow’s Fall (New White Sands City Cyberpunk, Book 1), Ron Bender
Star Nomad, Lindsay Buroker
Iris (The Color of Water and Sky, Book 1), Andrew Gates
Decadent Moon: the complete series, Shona Husk
Axion: The Parallax (False Utopia series), Laurie Lynn Thomas
Recursion (Part 1: Interlopers), Brian J Walton
Worlds Away (Alpha Alien Abduction Tale, Book 1), JL Hendricks
Metamorph (The Outbounder Chronicles), Chris Reher
Freefall: A First Contact Technothriller, Felix R Savage & Bill Patterson
Dark Horse, Michelle Diener
Continue Online (Part 1, Memories), Stephan Morse
Absolute Knowledge, Drew Cordell
Destiny’s Song, Audrey Faye
Eighty Days, An Extraordinary Phineas Fogg & Maggie Adventure, Will Silver
Ravaged Land, Kellee L Greene
Numbers Game, Rebecca Rode
Space Team, Barry J Hutchison
Borrowed Tides, Paul Levinson


The Child Prince, Honor Raconteur
Angels and Demons, The Demon Triloy, Randall Morris
Unsouled, Will Wight
True Sight (Tales of Eventyr), Jessica Parker
Nightforged (Shattering of the Nocturnai series), Carrie Summers
The Gender Game, Bella Forrest
Thieves and Wizards (The Forlorn Dagger, Book 1), Jaxon Reed
Captivate (The Submerged Sun series), Vanessa Garden
A Warden Born, Paul Summerhayes
The Legacy, JD Franx
The Fairy Bargain, Blaire Edens
Fallen Light, Benjamin A Sorenson
The Borderlands (Book 1): The Journey, Aderyn Wood

Urban Fantasy

Magic Born, Caethas Faron
Born a Witch…Recruited by the FBI, TS Paul
Gifted Thief, Helen Harper
Phoenix Blood, Jenny Schwartz
The Devil’s Fool (Devil series), Rachel McClellan
Born of Water: An Elemental Origins novel, AL Knorr
Shadow Born, Jasmine Walt & Rebecca Hamilton
The Catalyst (Steel City Heroes, Book 1), LE Barbant & CM Raymond
Shadowmark, TM Catron
Right to Silence, Lily Luchesi
Dragon Web Online: Inception, SR Witt
My Delicate Destruction (Wolfgange series), Jillian Ashe
Wrong Side of Hell, Sonya Bateman
The Shadow Children (The Demon-Born trilogy, Book 1), LC Hibbett
Black Soul (The Forbidden series), Odessa Black
Life on Earth (Life of the Dead, Book 1), Tony Urban
Searching (The Enigmas trilogy, Book 1), PF Dixon
Sweet Venom, Gena D Lutz
Kelpie Dreams, Steve Vernon
Cloaked in Fur, TF Walsh
Till Death (Independent Necromancers’ Bureau), Victoria DeLuis
Hounds of God, Justin Sloan


The Shortcut Home, Derek Kenmuir
For Her: A Short Story, Aaron Perreault
Astray: When Adventure Leads to Horror, Ginny Clyde


Just One Kiss (Hearts of the Outback), Susanne Bellamy
Addicted to Love, Christa Maurice
Enchant: Beauty and the Beast Retold, Demelza Carlton
Cursed Beauty, a Cinderella story, Dorian Tsukioka
Traitor’s Mask (The Andari Chronicles), Kenley Davidson
The Earl of the Mists, NM Whittaker
The Cheyenne Mail Order Bride Dreams of a Rich Life, Iris Kelly
Playing to Win, Shelly Munro
Wrong Number, Right Guy, Elle Casey
What the Heart Wants, Marion Myles
Chasing Down the Moon, Carla Baku
Martinis After Dark, Gina Drayer
Filthy Boss, Amy Brent
Cinderella Blackmail, Maggie Dallen
Offensive Behaviour, Ainsle Paton
Military Romance: In the Place We Both Love, Kathleen Hope
Lady Fortescue Steps Out, MC Beaton
One More Breath (The Georgia Girls, Book 1), Amber Garr
Time of Grace, Gabriella West
Surviving Valencia, Holly Tierney-Bedord
A Chill Wind (A Cowgirls in Time Romance), Erica Einhorn
Of Peaks and Prairies, Vivi Holt
Mail Order Bride Inc.: Dear Mr. Weaver, Kit Morgan
Author’s Muse, Sarah Christian
Romance & Mystery: Love in the Australian Outback, Sue Ronson
And Never Let Her Go (A Town of Destiny novel), Nancy Glynn
When In Rome…Lose Control: A Sweet College Romance, Lena Mae Hill
Sweet Gone South, Alicia Hunter Pace
A Cute Pair of Shorts, Laurie Baxter
Dimitris (Naked Wolves, Book 1), Paige Hammonds
Pack Challenge, Shelly Laurenston
What Lies Beneath the Mask, Laura Greenwood
Far From Perfect, Barbara Longley

Young Adult

North Oak (Books 1-3), Ann Hunter
Configured, Jenetta Penner
Malignant, Emily Kazmierski
Severed Wings, Kelly Carrero
Under The Trees, Ashley Maker
The World of Shades series (Books 1&2), JK Riya
Phyllis Wong and the Pocket of the Shadows, Geoffrey McSkimming


The Dog Who Rescued Me, Jerri Lincoln
The World: A Traveller’s Guide to the Planet, Lonely Planet
Baking French Macarons, Lisa Maliga
The Invisible History of the Human Race, Christine Kenneally
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey
What’s On Your Loofah? A Soap Making Guide for Serious Beginners, JD Carr
Emotional Intelligence, Scott Mercer


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    1. Goodreads! You’re a genius, Elizabeth 🙂 Thank you! I love finding curated lists.

      As for “To Woo a Warrior” – Yes! I squeaked that in as my 10th book for current KU reads. Sounds exactly what I like 🙂

  1. I’m new to this blog. I came here because the Color of Water and Sky Facebook page had a link to this. If you haven’t read that series, you really should. Anyway, looks like a lot to check out here. I’ve been wanted to find a new Fantasy book and I’m glad to know these are all on Kindle Unlimited. Thanks for the list!