Working at Hyper-Speed

Working at hyper-speed – is that a thing? I feel like I am. I’ve decided I want to squash another book into 2017, and to do that, I’m going to have to write so fast that my typing fingers blur!

The pushy book that wants to be written is Her Robot Wolf. I was trying to keep it a secret project, but I’m too excited not to share it. I’m not actually sure where it’ll wander in its space adventures, but she’s a starship shaman and he’s a galactic bounty hunter. Together, they’re trouble! Of course, if he’d just let her go, all their troubles would be over … maybe! He’s also a werewolf who has lost the ability to shift. Complications everywhere!

Her Robot Wolf is part of the reason I’ve brought forward the release of my third Old School novel. Storm Road will be out around April 7 – so that you can read it while you eat choccy Easter eggs the following weekend. I’m trying something different with this release. Instead of a pre-order, I’ll simply publish it. I’ll announce the release here, on Facebook and on Twitter. Please don’t miss it, since it’ll only be 99c for a short time.

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My current project – before I lose myself in Her Robot Wolf – is the fourth Old School novel. Fire Fall finally brings you Vanessa’s story. The draft blurb is below. If you thought Marcus in Phoenix Blood was intense, wait till you meet Seth!

Vanessa Araya is not hiding! She’s trying to find herself after the terror of being kidnapped six months ago. Who is she when her trust in people has been stripped away? How can she be free and brave and in love with life when a little part of her is always looking over her shoulder? Being the daughter of a billionaire hurts in unique ways.

Seth Bentham fell for Vanessa three years ago, and walked away. He’s a wizard mercenary: lethal, magical and in deep in a dangerous world. He would have only brought Vanessa pain. Now he’s hunting the southern Rocky Mountains for a kidnapped barrier wizard; not to save the man, but to learn more about the plot that involves him. The very last person Seth expects to stumble over while hiking is Vanessa, but here she is, strong, scared that she’s broken, and his.

This time, Seth won’t walk away.

But the price of stealing time together is high. Old enemies and new threats lurk in the mountains. There are fantastical creatures and there is the racing, hungry inferno of wildfire. Before the Fourth of July explodes in fireworks, someone will die.

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3 Replies to “Working at Hyper-Speed”

  1. D – thanks for noticing the photo! I took it at Araluen Botanical Gardens – they’re beautiful in spring – although like the hermit writer I am, I went a few days before the annual festival: all the beauty, none of the crowds 🙂

    You’re in awe over my ability to work so hard? I’m in awe of my over-ambition! But there’s always coffee 🙂 In fact, it’s sitting beside me right now! You know the feeling, though. A story that just has to be told. And from a marketing perspective, paranormal romance and sci fi romance have a lot of crossover, so I’m going to hit that crossover dead on!

    1. I will play hermit and miss the crowds to see this place too. Thank you for letting me know the name. 🙂

      You’ve lived up to your ambition so far, and then some. 🙂 All the best for conquering the crossover market. I know you’ll succeed. 🙂

  2. I swear your ability to work so hard makes me want to hang my head in shame. Wow! Squeezing another book in? Cue mouth dropping open so I can trip over my own lip.

    Not that I’m complaining. I can’t wait for the next book in Old School let along have the joy of contemplating more. And I was so hoping there’d be a story for Vanessa. 🙂

    Space will be new… but I like that you’ve thrown a werewolf in there. What on earth (haha) will we be calling this genre?

    I keep forgetting to mention how much I love the new picture on your main page. So beautiful. 🙂