Huge Book Sale & Dreaming of Home Reno

This newsletter includes home renovation and house dreaming, a book sale you don’t want to miss, and huge news about the next adventures of Vulf and Jaya (from Her Robot Wolf).

Home Renovation – It’s Easier in Fiction

I love, love, love looking at houses online, and I can justify the time lost to this fascination! The houses provide inspiration for my writing. I mish and mash their ideas to accommodate my characters. See? Justified! Totally 😉

A friend put me onto Old House Dreams. I think Queen Anne houses are my favourite American style. Here in Australia, I love Federation houses. You can see the similarities.

I’ve been watching a few home renovation shows on TV recently, which prompted the idea for this post. In particular, I was watching a guy struggle to strip paint/varnish from a mantelpiece, and it reminded me that although the thought of renovating in real life is hideous (ack! the stress, the disruption, the dirt, the knowledge that something ALWAYS goes wrong and costs more), I do have some DIY skills (yeah, that memory surprised me, too). For instance, I can strip paint – and wallpaper. LOL I’m a stripper 😉

It’s interesting to think back and realise how many skills we accumulate through life, and then, forget about!

These days I much prefer to indulge my ideas for awesome interior design the fictional way – I inflict … uh, gift … it to my characters.

Do you enjoy home renovation or have any disaster stories? And what is your favourite style of house?

Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Sale, July 1-2. 99c novels

Over 100 science fiction and fantasy novels are 99c this weekend. Go wild! Link: 

Her Robot Wolf, Where to from Here?

If you’ve read Her Robot Wolf, you’ll know from its afterword that the timing of the sequel is very much dependent on readers’ reception of it. Fortunately, with over 20 great reviews in its first month, I can justify juggling my writing schedule to fit in the sequel this year! (and if you’re wondering why I’ve been quiet lately, it’s all the work and thinking of all the work I’ve committed too. Ugh. Over-whelming – but fun!).

So … *drum roll* I’m aiming to release Stargirl & Her Wolf in September. That’s insanely ambitious, so the date may slip to October. But I enjoy Jaya and Vulf’s adventures so much that I might actually gain some time as the writing happens faster than I’ve allowed for in the schedule. I’m allowing for winter flu and life emergencies because we all know that as soon as you don’t, they happen!

I don’t have a blurb, but I can tell you that you’ll be visiting the pirate planet of Corsairs and I really, really want to stroll through the Star Guild Shaman Academy, so we’ll be going there, too.



4 Replies to “Huge Book Sale & Dreaming of Home Reno”

  1. So what’s the last thing you renovated?

    I like refinishing antique furniture. The trick (to all reno) is good prep work. The work goes so much faster if your surface is clean, sanded smooth, and properly taped.

    We’ve remodeled all our homes, so we’re old pros, but some jobs are definitely smoother than others. 🙂