A Spring Into Spring Book Sale, the Readers Rock Mega Event and News on Her Robot Wolf

Oh, I have good stuff for you today! Two awesome book sales, a book with a fire-breathing unicorn shifter, and if you scroll to the end of the post, the draft blurb for Her Robot Wolf. Plus, I saw pelicans!

The Readers Rock Mega Event presents over 200 books (mostly romance novels) at 99c each. That’s perfect if you’re staying inside to escape spring/autumn hayfever – I hope you’re not suffering from it!

The Spring into Romance Book Sale runs April 27-29 with some gorgeous romance novels – all at 99c.

Kindle Unlimited Discoveries

Blood Moon by Lena Hillbrand and Lena Mae Hill has an interesting twist on vampires and a world in which they’re in charge. For those of you who aren’t Kindle Unlimited subscribers, I think it’s only 99c today – enjoy!
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A fire-snorting, C4-chewing unicorn – and that’s just the heroine! (when she’s transformed). I loved the craziness of Playing with Fire by R.J. Blain. I admit, I also cried while reading it, just at one point, near the beginning, which is proof of how into the story I was.


New Release

Prowlers and Growlers: A Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Collection with stories from bestselling authors has just released, and the huge boxset is only 99c!

I wish I could have taken a better photo, but it was difficult to bring them into focus fast enough. I was at the beach the other day, and it had visitors. I love pelicans. One of them landed and sidled up to a pair of fishermen. “Hey, mister, can you spare a fish?” So adorable.


Draft Blurb for Her Robot Wolf

Jaya Romanov is an independent star ship shaman. She studies the energy flows of the universe and—for a price—will harness them to her employer’s purpose. Wormholes are a whole lot safer to travel when a shaman guides the jump.

Vulf Trent is a bounty hunter. It was that or join the family business, piracy, and Vulf is too much the lone wolf to tolerate the demands of a large pirate crew. Where his family enjoys the bonds of pack, he prefers the freedom of ranging the universe, alone.

Seven generations ago, humanity evacuated Earth and the shifter clans’ ability to transform into their primal animal forms was one of the most terrible losses of that time. Now, the werewolves, werebears and other shifters are trapped in their human bodies and slowly losing the essence of their primal souls. Jaya is determined to heal their torn transformational abilities, but Vulf doesn’t believe her.

He didn’t kidnap her for her healing abilities.

Pre-order link soon!

Beauty Conquers the Beast – NEW and FREE April 23-24

I have a bonus story for you! Beauty Conquers the Beast is a twist on the original fairytale of “Beauty and the Beast”. It’s free Sunday April 23 and Monday April 24 – and always free to read in Kindle Unlimited. Grab it today!

Happy reading!

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Lady Nora and Prince Alexander were never friends, and she can’t think of anyone more deserving of the curse that made him the Beast of the Sighaway Forest. But when six princesses from neighboring kingdoms fail to break the curse, it’s more than just the big and brutish Alexander who is suffering.

For her country, and out of an overdeveloped sense of duty, Nora will enter the beast’s castle. She’ll fight mysterious magic and confront the secrets of her heart, but the elusive beast remains untamable.

The shocking solution to breaking the curse will change Nora’s life forever.

Beauty Conquers the Beast is a short romantic fantasy.

Amazon exclusive: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071CY33FH/

The Seven Rules of Great Storytelling

Humans are forever telling stories. For instance, effective advertising is essentially a story that convinces us that a) we have an unmet need, and b) the product in question meets that need. We also tell stories as ways to develop and sustain relationships. Stories help us to find common ground with strangers. If I tell you the story of how my nana’s dog used to try to herd jumbo jets and your nana’s dog used to do the same (highly unlikely, but still!) we’ll smile at one another and feel a kinship. Stories are bridges between who we are and who the person next to us might be. They connect us. Over the dinner table we tell our families the stories from our day so that they know how we’re travelling, what we’re struggling with, and to celebrate our small successes. And we listen to their stories to keep that bond between us tight. People change. Stories help us to change with each other and to understand some of the reasons for the changes.

Stories reveal us to each other. They’re also how we make sense of the world. People are rightly worried about fake news on the internet, but one of the important points to remember is that this fake news is composed of stories. Their facts are wrong. They may even be specifically designed to manipulate us. But they’re also fascinating for showing us issues that we as a society are grappling with. We want to understand our problems and our neighbours’ problems, and find a way to move forward, making a better life for everyone.

I’m particularly focused on storytelling because as a novelist it’s what I do. I write stories about who people are, what we strive for, and how we find joy. I tend to add magic to my books (since I write paranormal romance), but so do fairytales, and their magical trappings don’t change the essential truths revealed in those stories.

So, here’s my take on the seven rules of great storytelling:

  1. You must evoke emotion in your audience. A story works when people feel something on hearing/reading/seeing it. There are various strategies put forward on how to achieve this, from character development, to emotional topics, to high stakes.
  2. Tension has to build.
  3. The resolution must be credible. It can involve green flying monsters, but those monsters must tie back to something mentioned earlier in the story. A story makes certain promises to a reader, and those promises must be met.
  4. Know what promises you’re making with your story. If you’re a stand-up comedian telling a joke, your promise is that your story will amuse. Sometimes, as with stories over the dinner table, your promise is simply that your story won’t take long! Everyone wants their turn. Be attentive to your audience.
  5. Stories have a hero. This is the person who is changed by the story. In our personal stories, that’s generally us. Sometimes we’re our own catalyst for change, but more often, that catalyst is external.
  6. The most memorable, powerful stories change the people who hear them. It’s okay to tell a story with the purpose of changing someone’s mind. Doing so doesn’t make you an evil marketing genius. We do this unthinkingly when we try to improve someone’s mood with a story. In daily life, we select our stories for how they support the relationships we’re in, and for how they make us appear. All those selfies shared online are visual storytelling, affirmations that each of us is present.
  7. But never forget that a good storyteller is an even better listener – and by “listener” I mean someone who experiences other people’s stories. We spend more time as audience than as entertainer, and being an attentive audience alerts us to effective storytelling techniques. Listen for the gaps in the range of stories told, and you’ll also hear what people are searching for, but not finding. Tell those stories.

What have I missed? What does great storytelling demand?



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Free Books! So Many It’s Bewildering!

I didn’t expect to be chatting with you again before Easter, but wow! A big advertiser of free books accepted my paranormal romance novella, Demon Hunter, to feature in their newsletter on Saturday April 15, so I had to scramble to set it free for that day – and let you know about it. I also asked other authors for help in getting the word out, and you’ll find their books below – as a small thank you from me for their kindness. Plus, once I started chatting with other authors, I found out about other free book promos happening this weekend. So they’re in this newsletter, too. It’s a bonanza of great free reads, just for you!

free pnr Demon Hunter by Jenny Schwartz – free on Amazon, April 14-18.

Download: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00R1SJWNU




Welcome to the Club by Liz Gavin – free on Amazon, April 14-18

Download: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01FBE5GZ8





The Rock Star’s Email Order Bride by Demelza Carlton – free on Amazon, April 14-18

Download: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B012W82IC0/




Hunger by C.E. Black is new and free to read for Kindle Unlimited subscribers. Otherwise it’s at a cool 99c. I’ve got this on my kindle 🙂

Download: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XS7DZDX




Alpha Wolf’s Pet by Eva Gordon is free!

Download: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00MT3H1VC 





The Vixen’s Bark by Laura Greenwood. Free today! (Saturday April 15)

Download: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N6OJD74/





Romance is Better than Chocolate (Heresy!) Sale – April 14-17


April Free Books and a Giveaway – April 14-18

Friday is the Final Day to Grab STORM ROAD for 99c. Plus Other Stuff!

Just in case you’ve missed me being noisy and annoying (or that’s how promoting a book feels to me) then this is a final reminder to pick up my new release, Storm Road, while it’s 99c during its release week, which ends on Friday April 14 (I was a bit generous in my definition of a week 😉 ).

Storm Road  – a Gothic thriller, mystery and suspense as a woman with secrets allies with a former marine to defeat a Civil War ghoul.

Buy link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06Y2M2MR9/

It remains FREE to read in Kindle Unlimited.

If You Swear, Here Are Some Options

In real life, I … um … swear. Quite a bit. Sometimes about politics *wry smile* But in my books, I often want a word that isn’t too harsh, yet still expresses a character’s feelings. Here are some “polite” swearwords.

Have You Ever Made Beer Bread?

I’ve never even tasted beer bread, but I’m curious. I’ve found a recipe for it, Honey Beer Bread, and I might try it once the weather cools. Any tips? Do you have a tried and tested recipe for beer bread?

Happy Easter!

Since I won’t have another newsletter going out before Sunday, I want to wish you an early Happy Easter! May you have a peaceful weekend filled with sunshine and chocolate.

I think most countries celebrate Easter with chocolate bunny rabbits and eggs. Well, here in Australia we just have to do things differently. We still have the bunnies, but we also have bilbies.

My big plan for this weekend is to eat chocolate while reading. Doesn’t that sound good?

Her Robot Wolf

Next week I’m diving into Her Robot Wolf. Jaya (the heroine) is proving interesting. I’ve invented her profession – starship shaman – and now I have to work out what she does! Or rather, how she does it. Twisting science and magic together is tricky. You never know if everything will explode! Not that Jaya wants to make things explode … although, with Vulf kidnapping her, it would serve him right if she exploded something on his ship, Orion.

Oh, and wait till you meet his ship’s A.I. (artificial intelligence). Ahab is a hoot! Imagine Jeeves (the butler PG Wodehouse wrote), but as a disembodied, interfering starship command.

You might be able to guess that I’m really excited to be writing Her Robot Wolf.

Remember! Pick up your copy of Storm Road today for 99c. It goes full price at the end of Friday April 14.

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