Fantastical Island and Other Paranormal Treats

Fantastical Island

fantastic beasts, paranormal, pnr, kindle unlimited, jenny schwartz,I have a release date for the second book in the Old School series. Each novel is a stand alone read, but there’s a lightly connecting story arc for the series. Fantastical Island comes after Phoenix Blood (out Dec 27).

Someone is hunting the fantastical creatures of Catalina Island.


Deviant Art

There is never enough time in the day. If there was, I could lose hours at Deviant Art. Realms of Fantasy has some great collections of amazing fantasy art, but just browsing throws up gems, too.

Do you look at art online? Any favourite sites? My Modern Met is pretty cool.

Kindle Unlimited Discoveries

helen harper, highland magic, kindle unlimited,I’ve found some great books in Kindle Unlimited. I’m loving Helen Harper’s Highland Magic series – Last Wish (the final book) is out in a couple of days. Can’t wait!

I’m also enjoying the first book in a new (to me) mystery series with a handsome, gentlemanly detective chief inspector. It reminds me a bit of an up to date Ngaio Marsh mystery. Holy Island by LJ Ross had a nice touch of romance, too. (Warning: it does get a bit gruesome re the murders).

Christmas Trees!

No, I haven’t put my Christmas tree up yet. This is the West Australian Christmas tree that I was nattering about a few weeks ago. They’re just beginning to flower.


Household Tip

You probably already know this – it’s pretty obvious, I guess – but I’ve just found out about using a few drops of essential oils on cotton wool balls and placing them in cupboards/wardrobes to keep clothes and linens fresh. I used to put lavender soap on a shelf. This is better. You don’t need much oil and you can get the fragrance you want with a little drop of this and a little of that. I used lavender and ylang-ylang.

Are you ever shocked by the simple things you never thought to try?

A Special FREE Book & Other Reasons to be Thankful

demon hunter, jenny schwartz, kindle unlimited,Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, and especially to my American friends. I’ve put Demon Hunter, the first book in my Collegium series, free for Thanksgiving (free ends November 25). While you eat all the yummy leftovers, you’ll have something to read 🙂

Phoenix Blood Cover Reveal

phoenix blood, jenny schwartz, pnr, paranormal romance, kindle unlimited,Lou Harper has outdone herself with the cover for Phoenix Blood. I worry so much when I fill in a cover art design form. What do I say to get my visual ideas for a book across to someone I’ve never met? In real life, a lot of my conversation involves me waving my arms around trying to explain what I mean. That doesn’t actually translate to a cover art form. But somehow, Lou performs magic.

With Phoenix Blood in particular she has taken the essence of the book and put it on the page. This is a paranormal romance with depth, where the hero has suffered, where magic doesn’t make things sparkly and easy. Intense emotion, vulnerable hearts that the hero and heroine protect ferociously, and a road trip unlike any other.

So, today, I want to say a huge thank you to Lou Harper for turning words into a visually stunning cover.

Suburban Adventures

Finally, I want to say thank you for the fact that I live in such a cool city. Perth is situated along the Swan River. We sprawl a fair way in all directions, but this is our starting place. The river is wide and lazy. It’s really an estuary. It’s beautiful. The silence of limestone cliffs and a quiet cove in the middle of the city is something special.

Me and my dodgy knee tackled the uneven steps, taking due care thanks to sign warning of potential rockfalls.
Me and my dodgy knee tackled the uneven steps, taking due care thanks to a sign warning of potential rockfalls.
It was totally worth the climb.
It was totally worth the climb.
There was even a cave, but my knee and I played it safe and stayed on the beach.
There was even a cave, but my knee and I played it safe and stayed on the beach.
The cove was pretty special. So quiet that all I heard was the river.
The cove was pretty special. So quiet that all I heard was the river.

Kindle Romance Sale & More!

kindlerpromoThe Kindle Your Romance with Our Sale is on this weekend (Nov 18-19). A wide range of romance novels, 99c each.

How Do You Improve Your Mood?

I admit, I sometimes choose books as a kind of medicine. Feeling down? Something fun, maybe flirty, maybe satirical. Feeling frustrated with the world? Something meditative or maybe history, so that I remember humans are always foolish, but we survive! Sometimes I just want a really emotional book for the catharsis of crying and living the drama with the characters. Do you ever use reading as a kind of emotional stabiliser? Which books do you choose?

And then there’s walking! I’m not a big fan of exercise, but walking is easy and cheap and most people don’t tell you you’re doing it wrong (you know, like in tennis where everyone’s a critic when you hit the stupid ball out of the court 😉 ). So I’ve been trying to include some walking in my daily routine. There are lots of benefits to walking, and for me, when I get stuck on a plot problem, one of the benefits is how it frees my subconscious to come up with a solution.

Dark Oasis & The Lion and the Mouse

dark oasis, jenny schwartz, kindle unlimited,If Amazon is telling you that I have a couple of new books out … yeah, kind of. What’s actually happened is that I’ve withdrawn my Indulge collection from sale since the mix of fantasy stories and steampunk ones seemed not to work for readers. BUT I really like two novellas in the collection, and I’ve published them separately. Dark Oasis is a paranormal romance with a tricky djinn and a heroic angel. The Lion and the Mouse is a steampunk romance.

jenny schwartzIf you have the Indulge collection by me on your kindle, then you already own Dark Oasis and The Lion and the Mouse. Sorry for any confusion! For everyone else … the two novellas are free to read for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

Island Dreaming

mccaffreyAnne McCaffrey wrote some of my favourite science fiction novels. I love The Ship Who Searched. So when I saw an island called McCaffrey Island for sale … it’s definitely on my If Only I Was Rich List 🙂 McCaffrey Island sounds heavenly: apple trees, deer, a beach.


Kindle Unlimited Discoveries

kindle unlimited, buroker, scifi,Now that I have a Kindle Unlimited subscription I’m binging a bit. I’ve devoured Lindsay Buroker’s Fallen Empire series and am impatiently awaiting the last book in the series.

kindle unlimited, pnr,I’m also hooked on Ella Summer’s new series, Legion of Angels. Vampire’s Kiss was so good!

Alchemy Shift Going Full Price on Tuesday

Just a heads up. Alchemy Shift is going full price ($2.99) on Tuesday, November 22. So if you haven’t already grabbed your copy, do it now.

kindle unlimited, pnr, jenny schwartz,

Kindle Unlimited Comes to Australia & 200 FREE Books

Kindle Unlimited in Australia

I’ve been waiting sooooo long for Amazon to open its subscription library, Kindle Unlimited, to Australians – and it finally has! I’ve signed up and started reading.

My first book was actually a short novella in Amanda M Lee’s Witches of the Midwest series. Careful What You Witch For was fun – I liked the chance to read about events from a different, side character’s perspective. I really like that having paid my $13.99 I can read, read, read without having to worry about busting my book budget. Kindle Unlimited has a great range of books. I’ve found they even have Ellis Peters’ Brother Cadfael books, or some of them.

I’ve also discovered that Lonely Planet travel guides are read-able in Kindle Unlimited. I’m a bit of an armchair traveller, so bring it on!

Are you a Kindle Unlimited subscriber? Do you have any book recommendations for me?

Rock Your Kindle

Rock Your Kindle with 200 free books – one day only! November 10 – today!


Christmas Trees

In Western Australia, Christmas trees look a bit different to those elsewhere. Ours are actually a parasitic plant, a mistletoe, that bursts into stunning orange flowers at the beginning of summer. I need to be on the look out for them soon. I’ll take some photos and share them with you. Nuytsia are stunning! For kids growing up here, they mean the school year is coming to an end and it’s time to tell Santa what you most want for Christmas.

Santa, I’d like another month or two in the year, please!


New Release – The Crocodile Virgin – free Nov 6-10

The Crocodile Virgin, kindle unlimited, pnr, Jenny Schwartz,I’m delighted to announce that my new short story, “The Crocodile Virgin“, is now live and FREE (Nov 6-10, 2016).

Get your copy at Amazon:

Salsify – More Photos

dsc04773Do you remember I mentioned my salsify a couple of weeks ago? Then it just had flowers. Now, it’s going to seed. It’s beautiful. The seedheads are like massive, bronzed dandelions. They shimmer in the sunlight.



Weekend Reading

Science Fiction & Fantasy Sale, Nov 5-6

Over 100 science fiction and fantasy novels are specially priced at 99c this weekend. Grab them today.

sff sale

To Stockpile Books or Not

curse on the earth, faith hunter, Some years, I save books to read them over the Christmas break. But other times, I can’t even save a book a few days. The second book in Faith Hunter’s Soulwood series released on Tuesday – and I’ve already read it! Curse on the Land continues the strong narrative voice of Blood of the Earth. Nell Ingram is a fantastic heroine. In this book we see her growing and changing. There’s a lot of tension and hints of change in the supporting cast as well. Promises well for a long-running series.

anna hackett, gladiator,I’m still debating whether to start saving some books for Christmas, like the ones in the sale above. Do you stockpile books? Do you read stories themed for the season?

If you are stockpiling books, Anna Hackett just released the first book in her new science fiction romance series – Gladiator is so hot! And like me, you’ll probably be unable to resist reading it early.

Summer is Finally Here

shugakIt’s not officially summer yet in my corner of the world, but today’s forecast suggests it’s arriving early and setting up home. On the plus side, that means ice cream! Yay! On the not so plus side, I hate really hot weather. I get tired and cranky (more than normal, LOL) and I just want to hibernate with the air con. On really hot days, I like to read books set in places like Alaska!

The Kate Shugak series by Dana Stabenow really brings Alaska alive. A Cold Place for Murder, the first book in the series seems to be free at the moment (please, check before you click).

Writing Update

Phoenix Blood is all set for its December 27th release. I’m so excited about this book. Not only is it the start of a new series, but each time I read the book for editing purposes, it wows me! I wrote this? Wow! 

I’ve started writing the next book in the series. Fantastical Island has a different vibe to Phoenix Blood, which is a road trip and second chance romance and intense. With Fantastical Island it’s just as intense, but Corey isn’t a wounded hero. Instead he’s goofball charming, even if he doesn’t realise he’s charming. In the glamorous world of Hollywood, he underestimates his attractions. Naomi doesn’t, but there’s a major hiccup in the two of them getting together – he suspects her of trapping and trading in the fantastical creatures who are his friends! Oh, and then there are the ghosts, who weren’t meant to be in the book, but insisted on crashing the party. Fun times!

Also, check your email for a message from me sometime soon. My new short story, “The Crocodile Virgin”, is about to go free. The countdown is on!

New Salad Discovery

chickpeaWith summer arriving, I’m experimenting with salads. This one has a chickpea (garbanzo) base. It’s also incredibly simple to make. Rinse and drain one can of chickpeas, put them in a salad bowl and sprinkle with salt, pepper, cumin and your favourite dry curry mix (I used Keen’s, the “keen” as mustard people), drizzle in olive oil, toss, then leave in the fridge a couple of hours. When you’re ready to eat, add a chopped celery stick, capsicum (red pepper), Polish (optionally Polish) gherkins (pickled cucumbers), and cauliflower florets. Add the cauliflower last so that it soaks up a sprinkle (or more – I love vinegar) of balsamic vinegar. Toss and serve.

This is a really robust salad and made me think of a healthy hamburger 🙂

Happy Halloween Sale & Some News

halloween sale

Happy Halloween!

If you’re in the mood for something sexy to read this Halloween, a small group of us authors have organised a 99c sale. Details of the Halloween Special are here. (Yes, I know this is an early Halloween newsletter – but do you really want to hear from me when I’m over-excited, buzzing from the chocolate meant for trick-or-treaters?)

halloween sale

The Crocodile Virgin

kindle unlimited, pnr, paranormal romance, Jenny Schwartz,I also wanted to let you know about a short story I’ll be publishing in the next couple of weeks. This is a heads up so that you don’t get over-excited and buy it … yes, that’s right. I do NOT want you to buy it. I’ll be publishing “The Crocodile Virgin” on Amazon and immediately setting it free for five days (the maximum Amazon allows me when the book is part of its lending library, Kindle Unlimited). The problem is that there’s about a day’s gap between publishing the story and being able to set it free, so I just want to warn you not to buy “The Crocodile Virgin” the instant it releases. Wait till the next day when it’ll be free 🙂

A cold-blooded mating frenzy can be ridiculously hot!

Nadia Lorre has her hard-earned college degree, a mountain of student debt, and a new job as a tour guide in Africa. The Sahara Desert, even its northern fringe, is hot and harsh—and that’s before the bullets start flying! Paul Carnarvon’s dramatic entry into Nadia’s life will change it forever.

Orphaned at five years old, the only crocodile shifter Nadia knows is herself. But Paul is a King Croc, a shifter with the ability to compel other shifters’ transformation. He will compel Nadia to embrace her wild self.

Ancient magic, modern terror, and a heroine afraid to love.

Fantastical Island – a hint!

Fantastical Island, kindle unlimited, Jenny Schwartz, paranormal romance, pnr,Finally, I wanted to share with you a hint that I let slip on my Facebook page. Phoenix Blood starts my new paranormal romance thriller series, but it’s soon followed by Fantastical Island – which I’m about to start writing. I have to write fast, since Fantastical Island is out February 21. Fortunately, I’m inspired by the novel’s setting – and that’s today’s hint. See the clip, below: