Lemon Rose Week

lemon rose

This gorgeous rose makes me think of lemon sherbet. I hope you’re ready for a fizzy, fantastic Lemon Rose Week because it’s ready for you!

Sensations are going to be intense this week. How is it that some days, the stars align and you feel intensely alive? Revel in the moment.

This would be a great week to dance, even if just at the sink while you’re doing the dishes. If you embrace the joy, it’ll increase this week. So be GREEDY.

Enjoy the pleasures of life in a Lemon Rose Week, and share them.

Nightshade Week


Deadly nightshade has pretty little flowers that resemble white stars and yummy-looking berries. Shame it’s also lethal, or at least, severely sick-making. Do NOT play with deadly nightshade.

In a Nightshade Week we also learn that situations in life can be just as pretty and inviting, only to end in pain and regret.

One of the wisest sayings ever goes something like: stupid is doing the same thing repeatedly, and expecting different results.

So it’s time to look at life. If something continues to hurt you, no matter how attractive it is, consider banning it.

I’m trying to do this with sugar — not that I’m banning it, but I am trying to severely curtail it. I love sugar, but I don’t like the uneven energy that comes with it, and I’m always aware that my nana died of diabetes.

A Nightshade Week means looking past the outward prettiness of things and facing the truths of them. It means making hard choices and following through on those decisions.

It was my great aunt who taught me to recognise deadly nightshade — and the appropriate response to the sight of it: pull up the weed and throw it away!

Hibiscus Week


Aloha! An Hibiscus Week is time to kick off your shoes and walk barefoot along the beach or across the lawn or wherever you may be. It’s about taking the time to relax.

Guess what? Things you’re booked to do are going to get cancelled this week. Or maybe you’ll cancel them? However it happens, there will be free time if you look for it.

How are you going to spend your free time? Will there be music involved? Food? Friends and/or family? Will you go away somewhere or staycation? Doesn’t stretching out and having a nap sound good?

Enjoy your Hibiscus Week!

Banksia Week


Tread warily this week, or you’ll be ick’d by what you tread in. A Banksia Week is going to bring some annoyances with it and worse, plenty of temptation to embarrass yourself. In fact, you might as well make up a badge that says, “sorry, let’s try that again”. But life doesn’t offer do-overs. All we can do is realise that we’ve stepped in it, shake off the ick, and move on.

Sometimes, too, the embarrassment only exists in our own minds. Other people haven’t even noticed. I wonder if it’s caused by the gap between how we’d like to be, and the reality that we’re only human?

So, stepping in ick this Banksia Week isn’t as bad as it sounds. You’ll be reminded that like all of us, you’re imperfect. That’s kind of liberating.

Social Media – an update

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. I remember the days when I was sniffy about Facebook. I called it an empty, echoing, confusing shopping mall. And now … I’m there every day. Every day!

Not only that but I’m there as a person and as an author page.

I still think Facebook is clumsy. I resent how it hides friends’ updates from me, and shows me ridiculous ads. But …

Everyone seems to be on Facebook, and so, there I am, too. And I’m hooked by the people I chat with. It’s not Facebook that I enjoy. It’s the people on it.

It’s also one of those places where readers hang out … and authors need to get their books in front of readers somehow. On a side note, I’ve not had any luck with Facebook advertising for my books.

I still adore Twitter. So much random goodness and people being clever in 140 characters.

But other social media have vanished from my day. I rarely visit Google +. Tsu is but a distant memory. Pinterest, yeah, Pinterest and I never clicked. Tumblr quietly died for me. I never found my community there. Goodreads is too overwhelming, but I love BookLikes.

Surprisingly, over the years, discussion boards have held their own. I was once a daily visitor at AbsoluteWrite’s Watercooler. That ended, not for any bad reason, but just because things do change. People move on. It’s like moving neighbourhoods. Currently, I lurk on Romance Divas and visit at KindleBoards. Plus, I belong to a number of Yahoo Groups.

For me, the power of social media is in discovering your community, the group of people who add joy and interest to your day.

Where do you hang out?

Plumbago Week


Plumbago shrubs are an intrinsic part of old gardens where I live. The heavenly blue that characterises a Plumbago Week encourages you to sit and dream.

Take this chance to recall some of your happiest memories, and then, think about how you can incorporate some of that happiness into your life, now.

It might be as simple as planting a flower that reminds you of a person you love, or as complicated as organising a school reunion.

Whatever you choose to do, remember that past happiness is a promise (as well as a present comfort) of future joy. The best is yet to come … if we’re ready to look for it and build towards it.