Dune Grass Week

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A Dune Grass Week is all about thriving on shifting sands. As much as we’d like life to stand still — especially in the happy times — it never does. What we need to learn is how to embrace change.

There is going to be a change in your life this week. With hindsight, you’ll sigh and say you should have seen it coming. Rubbish! Life is about the present moment, not anticipation — or regret.

Living on the shifting sands is about dancing in the wind and laughing at storms. It is about basking in the sunshine and gossiping with the waves. It’s about enjoying what is, and then, letting it go.

I hope the changes this week brings are all good ones, but whatever they are, I hope you recognise your own resilience and thrive.

Kiss Me, Quick is out and – FREE

Kiss Me, Quick” is FREE till January 24. This is my new short story. The one with a gallant cowboy and the shy woman who doesn’t dare love him. I adored writing Ross and Lily’s story, and I hope you enjoy it. Get it free on Amazon.

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If there’s one thing Lily Gibb doesn’t need for Valentine’s Day, it’s a cowboy. But when she hears that handsome rancher Ross Fortescue is sick with the flu, she knows her duty. He once saved her from a nasty situation and she owes him.

She just never expected Ross to demand payment in something other than chicken soup!

For fans of first kisses, sparkling romance and cowboys.

Marjoram Week

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It’s not the best picture, but then again, marjoram isn’t the gaudiest flower. It’s subtle. A Marjoram Week is subtle, too, and like the herb it’s named for, these seven days will be perfumed with sweet spiciness.

I’m delighted to announce that this is a week of secret thrills.

Life gets so exceedingly busy that we can fall into the trap of smelling something sweet and enticing, but not following the scent. This is the week to be beguiled.

Make time to pause and enjoy secret thrills. Follow paths that beckon.

Don’t share the secrets you discover this week. Hold onto them. Knowing that they’ll be private means you can be extra daring. Don’t self-censor. Knock down those cage bars of common sense.

The scent of freedom is invigorating!


2015 is Two Weeks Old

How’s 2015 been treating you? I’ve been stuck in the study writing (a bit), promoting my new releases (a lot) and planning future projects (so much fun).

Today I’m sorting out a final few things and hope to clear them up over the weekend so that I hit the ground running on Monday. Djinn Justice, the sequel to Demon Hunter, is taunting me. I want to start writing it, but know that it needs a clear brain and utter focus to get it right. It’s a complicated story and I have a suspicion it will end up a novel rather than novella.

golden retriever,Toby also reminded me (mental telepathy) that I haven’t shared a photo of him lately. So I snapped one yesterday evening as we sat outside, catching a cool breeze after a run of hot days. He turned ten in November, so he’s now receiving the careful treatment due an old dog. Now, if someone could just remind him he’s old!

I’m redesigning my newsletter, today — hence the procrastination with this post. MailChimp generally defeats me. *sigh* However, it will be nice to have a template set up and an efficient way to alert readers to my new releases. The sign up button is on the left of this post — or if you’re reading on a smartphone, click the top right button near my name to change to the menu, and you’ll find the newsletter sign up about halfway down.

How do you like the teaser for Kiss It, Better which releases 22 January and is FREE for the first three days?

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I’ve noticed (in my obsession with learning how to promote books on Facebook) that teasers are the new big thing.

Have you discovered anything interesting in 2015? Made any resolutions to do things differently? Ventured outside your study? ;) I’ve heard summer’s happening, but that’s pretty much hearsay.

Thank you all heaps for your support as I crash into self-publishing, bumbling along and relying on everyone’s kindness. Fortunately, that kindness seems infinite!

Zinnia Week

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A Zinnia Week blazes with colour. Flamboyance is the word — and the attitude you’re going to encounter. Person after person, you’ll meet people who seem to be taking up more than their fair share of the world. They’re just such powerful personalities.

I’ve got a secret for you — that powerful personality is in you, too, and in a Zinnia Week it’s sulking and pouting when it sees other people getting out there while you restrain it.

Let yourself go! This is a Zinnia Week where I swear there are way zanier people than you out there enjoying themselves.

So there’s your challenge: What are you flamboyant about? We all have something we secretly want to dance around about. And it can be something weird. When I’ve cleaned the bathroom and its all shiny and sparkly, I want to haul people in off the street to admire it. See? I’m weird :) What makes you sparkle? What makes you more “you” than anything else in the world?

Now, I’m off to clean the bathroom ;)


Short Stories and Kindle Unlimited

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Are we living through the renaissance of short stories? I’m hearing people talking about the short stories they’re reading now on Kindle Unlimited (KU). This thrills me, both as a fan of short stories and as an author.

Now, some people might argue that in fact the surge of short stories onto KU is a result of Amazon’s policies that make it profitable for authors to list short stories on KU, but not so much novels. And so, subscribers to KU are being forced to read shorter works for lack of other content.

But there are heaps of novels on KU so I think that subscribers are actually rediscovering the magic of short stories. They’ve always been available in magazines and ezines and in anthologies, but now short stories are standing alone. It’s kind of like music. Instead of having to buy the album, you can just pick the song you want.

Which leads me to the point of this post, the praise of short stories.

I have seven points in favour of short stories:

  1. They respect how time poor we are — adventure, romance, intrigue, whatever, all in a stolen hour.
  2. Every word has to work. Like poetry, there’s no hiding behind volume. The reader is after quality not quantity.
  3. Quirky ideas that can rock a short story, but would never have sustained a novel, can be loosed on the world.
  4. Taste test. An author’s style is so clear in a short story. Reference point 2. There’s nowhere to hide.
  5. By freeing us from a long commitment (a full length novel) we’re liberated to step outside our reading comfort zones and try new things. In fact, we’re given extra reading time in which to try new things. Variety is the spice of life and all that.
  6. Short stories are closer to the natural length of a spoken story. They’re a medium of close communication between author and reader.
  7. Don’t underestimate the power of completing something. Short stories give you that — a complete experience in the time available to you.

And if you’re looking for something short and awesome, try my new Steampunk story, The Icarus Plot.

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Cover Reveal – Ice-Breaker out in March

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Quick cover reveal!

“Ice-Breaker” is out 8 March from Escape Publishing


It was a case of the right person at the absolute worst time – so he found a way to make time.

Kiara and Selwyn’s first encounter is dramatic, and their attraction instantaneous. But Kiara has commitments, dreams, and plans – and Selwyn doesn’t fit into any of it.

But he’s not willing to give up on the chance at love, so he plans a second encounter just as dramatic. When Kiara returns from scientific research in Antarctica, he kidnaps her – with her startled agreement.

Maybe all they need for a chance at real love is a break from real life.