A Fall, The Recovery, and Books!

Two weeks ago I did a nifty trick and fell down my own back step. For a single misstep, the results were spectacular: bruises everywhere, grazes, and a badly sprained ankle that still has me hobbling and lying down to rest it. Add in the sore elbow with pain extending to the right hand if I dared try to use it, and I was offline for a week and only now slowly getting back into the swing of things. Fortunately, I can type again, though I won’t be attempting marathon sessions – even if I have two weeks writing to catch up on!

With one tumble, my hopes of getting Shifting Stars out at the end of the month have vanished. Fingers crossed for October!

In fact, my whole publishing schedule is currently up in the air.

I have two more books to write for my paranormal romance series, Old School, but they’re going to have to wait on the novellas I’ve promised to follow on from Shifting Stars in the Shamans & Shifters Space Opera series. I’d love to have Pirate Cat out in November, and Jingle Stars is a special little Christmas tale. Then I’ll get back to Amaranthine Kiss and the wrap-up novel, Shangri-La Spell. I have sadly learned (courtesy of dreaming of aliens when I should have been watching where I was walking while carrying a chair outside) that I am only human, and that when I drop one ball, all the ones I’m juggling fall down, too. Bump!

If you’d like to help, recommending any of my books to your friends is the best thing ever. Word-of-mouth promo beats everything. If you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, remember that you can read all of my self-published books for free! Yay!

Shamans & Shifters

Her Robot Wolf     June 2017

A starship shaman, a galactic bounty hunter, and more trouble than a sun going nova.


Go Old School with secrets, sorcery and seduction!

phoenix blood, jenny schwartz, pnr, paranormal romance, kindle unlimited,Phoenix Blood     December 2016

He broke her heart, saved her life, and paid in agony for her freedom.




old school, kindle unlimited, fantastical island, pnr, Jenny Schwartz, paranormal romance, urban fantasyFantastical Island     February 2017

Someone is hunting the fantastical creatures of Catalina Island.




Storm Road     April 2017

A weathermage and a former Marine must save a mountain town from a Civil War era ghoul.




paranormal romance, kindle unlimited, new release,Fire Fall     May 2017

Wildfire in the Rocky Mountains, magic and a second chance to save his soulmate.




paranormal romance, kindle unlimited,Desert Devil     August 2017

As one of only three couriers alive, Forrest “Rest” Castillo can travel anywhere on Earth in seconds. However, the price of his rare talent is to be forever alone.


Demon Hunter     December 2014

Magic is real, if hidden, and betrayal is sharper than a demon’s claws.  A novella.



Djinn Justice     December 2015

Fay and Steve’s new relationship is tested by a meddling djinn, a power-crazed villain enslaving weres, and Steve’s family. A novel.



Dragon Knight       February 2016

Gina Sidhe is on a quest for her dragon. Lewis Bennett is trying to survive without magic. A novel.



Doctor Wolf      April 2016

Dr Liz Jekyll has a secret to hide. What she needs is a big, bad wolf to hide behind!



Plague CultPlague Cult     June 2016

In a small Texas town a desire for love becomes a curse that could unleash a deadly plague.



Hollywood Demon, paranormal romance, kindle unlimited, Jenny SchwartzHollywood Demon    August 2016

A demon is stalking Hollywood. So much for Clancy renouncing her magic and becoming ordinary. This means a fight!



Alchemy Shift, jenny Schwartz, paranormal romance, bear shifter, kindle unlimitedAlchemy Shift     October 2016

A woman, her sword, and the bear-shifter who’ll steal her heart.

Thank you!

And now it’s time for me to return to slow typing and even slower hobbling. Everyone, take care – especially when walking out your own back door!

Treasure Hunting

Who doesn’t love a good treasure hunt? Remember when you were a kid and a birthday party included a treasure hunt? Fun times! Of course, it didn’t do the hosting parent’s garden any favours, but what kid thought of that? We just trampled the flowers. 🙂

As adults, the urge to discover treasure doesn’t go away. We stalk it through op shops and flea markets. We attend auctions and study eBay (or whatever). But the treasure we search for isn’t always a bargain or something we can flip for money, although that’s a great feeling. Sometimes finding a treasure means finding one simple, perfect, long sought for thing.

Hold that thought! I have two book promos (one with a gorgeous giveaway) to share with you today – and a favour to ask. I’ll leave that till the end of the post. The first promo is the Unlock the Secret Worlds Science Fiction & Fantasy Sale which has nearly 100 novels at 99c, September 2-3.


Okay, back to treasure hunting! The treasure can be as mundane yet awesome as discovering a never-fail cake recipe. Off-topic: my mum’s chocolate cake recipe comes close to this. I’ve baked it in a wood oven without a thermometer and it was delicious. Or the treasure can be finding your soul mate or a cure for a disease or buying a worn-out old house and renovating it back to glory because you saw the possibilities in it.

Treasure hunting is both hard work and pure gift.

Second interruption! The September Kindle Unlimited Book Blast where a few of us authors get together to promote our books is also running now. If you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, dive in! If you’re not a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, there are still gems you can buy…  But most of all – there’s a chance you could win a Kindle Fire! Woohoo! Good luck 🙂

kindle unlimited


Kindle UnlimitedIf you do find a treasure, sometimes you share it and sometimes you hoard it. Searching through Kindle Unlimited (Amazon’s subscription library) feels a bit like hunting for treasure. So many books, many of which don’t appeal to me, but when I discover a gem, read it and love it, then I share it on my Facebook page devoted to Kindle Unlimited books, Always Another Great Book. Sharing the treasures I find works for me – it encourages the authors to write more!

But other treasures, I’m not so sure whether it’s responsible to share them. Like wildflowers. When you find a rare orchid, do you share its location on social media so others can find it and appreciate it, or will that risk the orchid itself? This is a real dilemma in my corner of the world, take the Queen of Sheba orchid as an example.

Writing a novel is about telling the story of a hunt for treasure, a quest. A romance is about finding love. Adventure stories can be about saving the world, rescuing someone, almost anything. Mysteries are driven by the need to discover whodunnit. 😉 I believe a novel has to have a treasure buried in it or it’s cheated its readers. Who knew that years and years after childhood treasure hunts I’d be the one hiding a treasure – and making sure that everyone who searched for it found it!

So what do you go treasure hunting for? What treasures have you found, especially one that surprised you?

P.S. The favour I wanted to ask is directed to anyone who subscribes to BookBub’s daily book recommendations. Would you mind following my author profile over on BookBub? I’m trying to build my profile so that BookBub might agree to include one of my books in their newsletter one day. Thanks!

Lemon Cornbread Muffins & Books! Such Great Books!

Yum! Those of you who’ve been reading my blog/newsletter for a while will remember my rapturous discovery of cornbread. Cue angel music and golden light. I love the stuff. Well, the other day I looked at all the lemons in a bowl on the kitchen counter (the tree is in over-production mode) and thought, “hmm, lemon cornbread?”

I decided to experiment and the results were yummy. Of course, because I was experimenting, my measurements are rough. But muffins are always forgiving – that’s why I love baking them.

I used a mug instead of a cup, so add a mug of finely ground cornmeal, a mug of self-raising flour, half a mug of sugar, a pinch of salt and half a teaspoon of baking powder to a bowl and stir well with a fork. Then add the zest of two lemons and stir again. Melt about four or five ounces of butter (cut a chunk not quite as big as your palm), leave it to cool a bit (or don’t – cheat like me and add a splash of milk to cool it), then add a teaspoon of vanilla essence to it and about two teaspoons of lemon juice (I like LEMONY flavour). Pour this mix into the dry ingredients. You’ll probably need to add more milk. You want a spongey not quite pourable consistency. Spoon this into a muffin tray that you left in the oven while the oven was heating to 200C (390f). Bake for twelve minutes. My muffin tray is nonstick, so I didn’t grease it. The cornmeal was still a bit gritty when the muffins were ready. Twelve minutes of a hot bake maybe didn’t give it enough time to soften/cook through, but I quite like the grittiness, so I’m calling this a success!

Books by Fabulous Authors

I’d like to thank the following authors who supported the release of Desert Devil by sharing it with their readers. I’ve posted their names and one of their books. If the book has KU after it, then it’s in Kindle Unlimited and free to read for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

Alicia Montgomery, Killian’s Secret  KU Paranormal romance!

Shona Husk, Servant of the Forest Fairytale retelling

Mary Brock Jones, Torn, (I hadn’t heard of an ecological thriller before)

PG Forte, In the Dark (Children of Night series). Gorgeous vampires as you might never have imagined them.

Kallysten, Exiled. A Dragon Shifter novel

Tara Benham, Falling (The Soul Collectors)  KU

Thank you all, so much!

From the Garden

Nemesias have to be one of my favourite flowers. They pretty much look after themselves, self-seeding each year and coming up with some stunning colour combinations.

Why I Write the Books I Write

I was thinking about the question of why I write what I write the other week and came up with an answer that goes wider than my books. I guess it’s a life philosophy. I added it to my bio page and shared it on Facebook, but I should have shared it here, too.

jenny schwartz

Finally, I’ve given my English romance (with a suspense twist) a new cover, and to celebrate, I’ve dropped the price of Sky Garden to 99c. If you haven’t read it, now’s the time to remedy that! And don’t you love the new cover? I think it has a Beauty and the Beast vibe. Buy link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B018J7YW0E

romantic suspense, kindle unlimited,

Fantasy Westerns, Book Predictions

Urban Fantasy Sale

urban fantasy

There are some absolute gems in the Giant Urban Fantasy Sale that includes free and 99c novels. It runs August 15-17. Browsing link: https://genrereader.com/urban-fantasy/

Weird Westerns

When I wrote Desert Devil I knew it wasn’t a weird western even if it had magic and was set in Arizona, and I was a bit sad about that because I’d LOVE to write a weird western, if only I had the time.

weird westerns, kindle unlimited,Weird westerns have been around for a few years, but I think they’re set to really resurge. Kind of like space opera. The quest element combined with the strong imagery of the setting just draws people in.

I love the quirkiness that results that mashing together genres. Weird westerns often have a bit of steampunk in them (re-imagining the past, often with clockwork or other alternative technology) which I adore. But there are other options, like adding magic!

Elven gunslingers. If I could clone myself I’d write a series about a female elf who becomes a gunslinger but never actually shoots anyone. She gets out of trouble via ingenuity, like the original Macgyver! There would be a bookish dragon and an opinionated unicorn and I would have an absolute blast writing the series.

Simply based on how much I want to read books like this, I have to imagine that fantasy westerns have a huge unmet readership, which is what is needed for this subgenre of fantasy to explode. So when it does, you heard it hear first – and if you hear of a way for me to clone myself, please tell me!

Vintage Romance

Contemporary romance is a huge and popular genre. I think some of that readership could very easily be convinced to devour books set just a few decades ago. Think of the TV show Mad Men. When you mix nostalgia and glamour with strong storylines, people are hooked.

Look out for books from the 1960s to 1990s. People are starting to call this vintage romance – written now, about then.

If there’s a way to give a nod toward the classic TV shows without breaking copyright, I think that will be a real winner. A genie and an astronaut in the 1960s (I Dream of Jeannie), a blended family (The Brady Bunch), Bewitched, etc. This is a goldmine for authors, and I think they’ll be mining it soon.

Would you read vintage romance?

Heads Up!

On August 19 I’m setting Desert Devil full price, so if you don’t already have your copy for 99c, pick it up in the next day or so. [It will remain free to read in Kindle Unlimited].

Buy link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B073T8KJ3Q


Update on Shifting Stars

I’ve been sharing snippets from Shifting Stars, the sequel to Her Robot Wolf, on Twitter and my Facebook page. This is one of my favourites. I’m having a wonderful time with Jaya and Vulf’s ongoing adventures.


Desert Devil Release Day! Woohoo! and Other Things

Desert Devil is out today!

paranormal romance, kindle unlimited,Legendary magic. A desert hideout. Thrilling suspense! And for release week, I’m extending the pre-order price of 99c.

Buy link:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B073T8KJ3Q

Donna Keats is a seer. But when she defies fate to save her estranged foster brother she becomes fate’s victim.

As one of only three couriers alive, Forrest “Rest” Castillo can travel anywhere on Earth in seconds. However, the price of his rare talent is to be forever alone. Anyone who gets close to him becomes a potential hostage for the powerful people that seek to own him.

Two years ago, Rest retreated to the isolated beauty of the Arizona desert to save those who have his loyalty and love, but it was the wrong strategy. It’s not his life that should be sacrificed for peace. Nor will it be Donna’s.

Rest’s enemies are about to learn that this former Army Ranger is not as alone as they believed, and that no conspiracy can be buried forever.

The time has come for Rest to walk the Path for justice, and Donna will match him step for step.


Desert Devil is a stand-alone paranormal romance in the Old School series.

Portal Travel

Nobody laugh! I only just realised where my idea for portal travel (which is what Rest, the hero of Desert Devil, has a talent for – opening portals and walking the Path) came from. Wormholes!

Without meaning to, I borrowed from science fiction, but rather than explaining near-instantaneous travel, I’ve left it as magic. Magic is so much cozier!

If only portals, or wormholes, were real. I loathe travel. Living in Australia means it’s a long flight to most places in the world and I hate being stuck in a seat and – because I’m petite (so much nicer than saying “a short ass”) – other passengers tend to encroach on my space. Or it feels that way. I’m big on respecting personal space.

If you could open a portal to one place in the world, where would it be?

My first response to that question was embarrassing. I chose a yummy French bakery. Mmm.

Would you choose family, friends, an isolated beach, a busy city, a mountaintop?

Other New Releases

If you love science fiction and fantasy, especially with a touch of romance, then new release Dominion Rising looks fab! What amazing value. Box sets are a great way to try new authors.

Release Day Celebrations

I tend to keep release day celebrations low key, mostly because I’m already like a hyperactive toddler on a day like this and the last thing anyone needs is for me to get even more excited. You know how that ends… in tears and a tantrum  😉

So I’ll clink virtual coffee/tea/hot chocolate mugs with you instead. Thanks for your “happy release day” vibes. I appreciate them!

One final thing – and please note, this freebie is not available until TOMORROW. (Sorry for the All Caps shouting. I don’t want you or your friends inadvertently one-clicking and paying for Demon Hunter today). I’m adding it to today’s newsletter because I don’t want to bombard you with newsletters!

Demon Hunter, the first book in my paranormal romance series, The Collegium, is free tomorrow (August 11) for Freebie Friday fun. You’ve probably already got a copy, but if you have friends who you think might like it, I’d love for you to let them know about it going free for Friday 🙂

Demon Hunter is exclusive to Amazon. Here’s the link: https://www.amazon.com/Demon-Hunter-Collegium-Book-1-ebook/dp/B00R1SJWNU